The Wickedly Wild Return of Dr. Insanity and The Sparrow

by Christopher Andrews



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 08/07/2002

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 540
ISBN : 9781403309907

About the Book

Join Sparrow and his friends on their hilarious adventures in The Wickedly Wild Return of Doctor Insanity and The Sparrow, a clever parody of superheroes and archvillains. This lighthearted story pokes fun at everything from the heroes and villains themselves to motivational speakers, radio psychologist, and the American Medical Association.

The world’s superheroes have captured the world’s archvillains, and to keep the peace, the government has brainwashed all the villains and superheroes into working at everyday jobs. Until, one day, an accident at his coffee shop job dislodges the control chip in Doctor Insanity’s head, and in an instant, he’s back on the street and looking to make trouble for humanity.

Enter the Sparrow, the only superhero to avoid brainwashing, thanks to the fact that nobody’s ever heard of him. As soon as he gets word of Doctor Insanity’s relapse, he leaps at the chance to prove his worth and earn his place in 10 Justice Plaza, the headquarters of hero-dom.

Add in memorable characters like Procrastination Man, Salsa King, and many, many others and you get the most fun you can have with printed material.

About the Author

Christopher Andrews is the secret super-pseudonym for Andrew C. Piazza, a rather nefarious character wanted by the Department of Cleansing and Relocations for a number of offenses, including, but not limited to: the development of the Forgetting Ray (of which there is only one, since he accidentally shot himself with it after building the prototype), the theft of several dozen parking meters, which he can’t remember how to open to get the money (see Offense #1), and willful and malicious overuse of movie quotes in order to appear clever in front of girls (which doesn’t work and only made him look like a dork anyway). He blames his evil ways on the emotional scarring caused by two and a half years of incarceration (call "employment" by his captors) at an Atlanta coffee shop. He resides at an undisclosed secret base, plotting to conquer the world, or at least a really challenging computer game.