After the Night

by John Edward Rice



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 01/05/2002

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 180
ISBN : 9780759627079

About the Book

What is it like for common people to throw stones at a condemned person until he is battered into bloody agony and final painful death? Can ordinary people really engage in such brutality? If they can, are they therefore nothing more than a vile lynch mob? In today’s world, we would call such an action cruel and unusual punishment, and quite illegal.

The reading and re-reading of a certain gruesome incident recorded in the Bible is enough to fill one’s mind with questions. What would it be like for us to step back in time and see the brutality of a Biblical stoning actually occurring? Could we stand the sight of it?

This book is a fictional story based on certain Bible passages, which in the author’s mind lend plausibility to his story.

About the Author

The author was born in his grandparents' home in 1918 in St. Augustine, Florida while his father was in World War I. While he was still an infant, the war ended, and the family began an itinerary of living in small country towns of south Florida. He then saw some boyhood ranch life in Florida's backwoods in the days of open-range cattle herding. He continued with schooling and became a minister in the Methodist Church.

The author's service in two wars was as chaplain plus various occasions of troop entertainer and hospital entertainer.

Most of his years have seen him variously as minister, science teacher and storyteller, holding the degrees of Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Divinity and Master of Arts.

He values highly the twenty-six years of active ministry that he had before they were suddenly interrupted by heart problems. He took early retirement into inactive status, retaining his full ordination. For a few years, on a part-time basis, he taught general science in adult education.

Through it all, he has maintained a great interest in the religious calling that was his from boyhood, managing to engage in frequent sessions of religious teaching.

His interest in storytelling has been a natural for him all his life. It comes easy for him in his retirement years.

The Southern Order of Storytellers awarded him their Seanachie Award as storyteller of the year. In recent years his appearances as folk entertainer have been in various parts of Georgia, North Carolina and Florida with magazine, newspaper and television coverage of some of them.