by Scott Rachelle



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 01/12/2000

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 444
ISBN : 9781588207678

About the Book

Jerrold Karp, M.D. is an ophthalmologist who practices in a town just outside of Chicago. He treats all forms of eye disease, but earns most of his income by performing cataract surgery. The CEO of the hospital where Karp operates meets with Billy White, M.D., a nationally renowned cataract surgeon from Chicago. White and the CEO conspire to damage Karp’s reputation so that White can increase his surgical volume by taking over Karp’s practice. In return for helping him do this, White agrees to work at Karp’s hospital. After trying for many month to prove his competence, Karp nonetheless loses his privileges to perform cataract surgery. In addition, his license to practice medicine is revoked. As a result, he loses his practice. His wife, incensed, leaves him.

Karp finds evidence of this conspiracy, in addition to other questionable tactics used by the doctors and administration of the hospital. Depressed, alone, and unable to convince others of his conspiracy charge, Karp decides to commit suicide. He creates a car bomb and plans to kill himself. His plans are altered when the estranged husband of another physician practicing at the hospital returns home and attempts to abduct the couple’s children. Karp uses his car bomb in a novel manner to turn the tables on his accusers.

About the Author

Scott Rachelle is an ophthalmologist who has been in practice for fifteen years. After working as a general ophthalmologist in the Midwest, he returned to complete a fellowship in vitreoretinal surgery. He now devotes his career to this medical and surgical subspecialty. He is the Regional Medical Director of a large private practice of ophthalmology and the Chairman of the Department of Surgery at his local hospital. He has presented papers at several national and international conferences and has published various research projects in peer-reviewed journals. He is a Fellow of the American Academy of Ophthalmology, a member of the Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology, the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery, the American Diabetes Association, and the American College of Physician Executives.

Privileges is the first novel by this author, who relies on his experiences as a practicing physician and knowledge of the politics of the medical profession to weave a tale of conspiracy and greed that takes place in the setting of a modern medical facility. The character, Dr. Jerrold Karp, lives in a frightening world where patients have become a commodity, and the mutual respect of colleagues is discarded in return for promises of riches. It is a microcosm that could occur anywhere and anytime, except for the practice of medicine by professionals with high moral and ethical caliber.