The Era of the Antichrist

How to Survive It

by Ysatis De Saint-Simone



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Language : English
Publication Date : 01/06/2002

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 492
ISBN : 9781588202666

About the Book

‘The Era of the Antichrist’ is not just a book. It is a prophecy that is being fulfilled everyday, corroborated in our daily news, magazines, newspapers, etc. This is not a strange coincidence, because we live now in the Era of the Antichrist.

This is why ‘The Era of the Antichrist’ is not a regular book, it is a living book that is happening around us visually and invisibly, it becomes alive in your life, it reveals to you the mysteries of the self and its link to the Antichrist, secrets and mysteries that have been hidden for thousands of years and whose understanding is paramount for our soul’s survival. In short, it makes you aware of the forces within and without yourself that influence your life.

Saint John used in his book of the ‘Apocalypsis’ precise symbols and arithmetic ciphers that were ‘Understood’ only by early Christian Gnostics, both numbers and symbols have been approached superficially for lack of the experiential Knowledge of God. It is only this rare gift what makes of a man a ‘Gnostic’ and gives him what Saint John called - ‘Understanding.’ This is why he makes sure to specify: ‘Let those who have Understanding, compute the number of the beast, for it is the name of a man. And his number is 666.’

Those who have only the logic, intellectual knowledge to decipher them, have believed Saint John’s numbers to be without more meaning than the symbolic. This is a capital error - no one is able to understand correctly anything written in the Sealed book of Saint John, one of the most mysterious manuscripts ever written without the secret numerological code, especially when we deal with the Antichrist. Without the code used to unveil the mysteries, it’s literally impossible to discover his true identity or to know why does he have so much power over human beings.

Many have made superficial conclusions about the identity of the Antichrist, some of the most popular were based on the misinterpretation of a prophecy of Nostradamus, others have been overtly based on social preferences or fears, i.e. Hitler, Gorbachev, Saddam Hussein, any of the Popes, etc. Meanwhile, the true identity of the Antichrist remained unknown and well protected behind the wall built around him by all these wild theories about his identity.

As I said before, the early Christian Gnostics used specific systems of numbers and symbols to protect from malice or distortion of truth the High Mysteries of Christianity and to communicate them to each other without endangering their purity, as only those possessing the secret code could disclose them. They were forced to do this, not only to protect the purity of the Christ Mystery, but also the knowledge they had of other mysteries who concerned the adversary forces, the ones whose role is to oppose the Christ on earth. One of these mysteries, maybe the most feared of all, is the mystery of the number 666, the number of the adversary of the Christ, the satanic beast who is supposed to reign on the earth as the false Messiah; his identity, is also the most misinterpreted identity of history.

Well, that is not the case anymore, ‘The Era of the Antichrist’ reveals his true identity. Oddly enough - because we must be very near to the time when he is going to reveal himself - his followers are willingly corroborating the information given in this book, by acknowledging that they have been working for this end for hundreds and thousands of years and by talking openly, for the first time in history about their preparation for his coming and the great benefits that the world is going to receive by having ‘someone like him’ change things on earth, etc.

Our Savior in the course of His instructions to the apostles about the coming of His adversary, gave them special signs to watch for that would signal the end of times, but no date. To that I adhere myself, because if He Who Is the Beginning and the End gave only the signs, and no specific time, is because of a perfect understanding of things. So, I follow His direction, observe the signs and put the action to communicate them to others. Like it or not, most of the signs have already been fulfilled– this may be pleasant or unpleasant to hear, but in these times Truth, more than ever, is a ‘life saver’ being handed to you, which may help you to survive. So I exhort those who have ears to hear and who want to be part of His Kingdom to inform themselves correctly about the true identity of the ‘adversary’ of the Christ; because ‘he will deceive many, even the elect if that were possible’ as Our Lord Jesus Himself said.

‘The Era of the Antichrist’ uses the secret numerological code used by Valentinus a disciple of Saint John to unveil the identity of the dreaded beast of the ‘Apocalypsis.’ The only correct computation and conclusions that I have knowledge of, were made by Rudolph Steiner, and G.R. Mead, and both had a different aspect than the one presented in ‘The Era of the Antichrist’ – because the time of the Antichrist was not due yet. But now, the time is ripe and the breaking of the seals of mystery of the Apocalypse is possible. It is now also possible to offer a book like this to the general public because there are technological mediums that allow us to communicate in ways that before were not possible. Book distribution, for instance, was before controlled by big publishing houses, which would probably have stopped most books containing a subject such as this – if it was accurate and true - from reaching the public.

The big difference between ‘The Era of the Antichrist’ and other books in which there are diverse intellectual theories given about the mystery of the Antichrist is that ‘The Era of the Antichrist’ does not theorize, or uses a modern system of numerology; it ‘computes’ as Saint John directed us to do. It unveils the identity of the Antichrist, not by intellectual conclusions, but by disclosing its mystery with, if not the same numerical code that Saint John used, a code one of his disciples used, and which was in use in 96 AD, the time when Saint John wrote his document.

‘The Era of the Antichrist’ is a book for our era, a book of ‘spiritual survival.’ The correct Understanding of this matter is vital for the souls of every living being. As vital as to know what to do when a killer hurricane is coming. If you have ‘a hurricane preparedness pamphlet’ and you follow its instructions chances are that you will be able to survive the hurricane. Please use it well.

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