A New Revelation from God

by Mary Wiley Neal



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 10/02/2000

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 496
ISBN : 9781585003877

About the Book

The goal of this book is to bring those who are adopted into God's family and those who are Christians, closer to God and to assist those who are teaching the Word of God. My prayer is that this book will be used in colleges, schools, churches, Sunday Schools, missions and wherever the Word is being taught. In other words, I hope that this book will be used to enlighten the readers and teachers of God's Word. There are many that believe in the name of Jesus but do not know him, his teachings, or the Father. There are so many of us that do not know God for ourselves.

About the Author

Mary Neal is a soft spoken determined woman, who does not understand the meaning of the word adversity.

She was born in Hayneville, Alabama in 1947, the daughter or Ethel and Gilbert Wiley (both deceased). Mary was introduced to God at an early age, became a member of the church, and was baptized at the age of ten. She sang in the church choir and attended Sunday school throughout her teen years.

After graduating from high school, she moved immediately to Westbury, New York, where she stayed away from church for years. She later attended various churches for several years before finally joining one.

She attended modeling school while in New York and worked at a variety of jobs, ranging from home healthcare to the racetrack. She performed with different local groups and lived there until 1991. She wrote several songs, but now, praise God, 'I only write and sing those things that will give him glory.'

While in New York, Mary joined a company as an operator and was promoted to Inspector, then Section Leader. She was then recommend for Supervisor and was relocated to Waco, Texas where she presently resides. She worked with this company until it was bought out.

Apart from her 'part time job' as a Mary Kay consultant, Mary has kept herself busy by creating CAJF (Create a Job Foundation) and being CEO and founder of W.I.N. (a non-profit organization). She also created a Biblical game called 'Pick Up Your Cross Daily and Follow Me.' Apart from these, she does jail ministry on Sunday plus teaches Bible study on Tuesdays, after volunteering for a tutoring class that teaches children how to read through the computer (CEI Program). Also, she sits on the board of Child Protective Services.

Her family consists of two sisters and one brother. She is the proud mother of one beautiful, successful, twenty seven-year old daughter, Sheila Neal, who is a District Manger in the Texas area for a large retail company. She is a graduate from Florida State University and will soon be married to Albert, on May 16, 1997, in the Bahamas.

Her own questions about the Scriptures lead her to the writing of this book. Armed with the Holy Spirit and a desire to learn, she began this endeavor to help those that have questions and seek answers.

Her message to all is read the Word of God daily, there is no greater joy than to be led by the Spirit of God.