Diet Attitude Meditation

Changing the Negative into Positive

by Gayle Schilz; Edgar Cayce



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Language : English
Publication Date : 18/12/2000

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 132
ISBN : 9781588201294

About the Book


This World Is Only An Illusion

A friend of mine who was psychic brought me up with Edgar Cayce she said she would come back to me through a triumph, as Edgar Cayce came to me in a dream.

Anyone can read this book and know when they get done reading it can change their life from material to spiritual, and still have a lot of fun in life and more seeing things and life in a better way as we are a flexion of what we see in this world.

As we are waiting for the New Kingdom to come right not get on the right track now. It is time to change your life now! Changing the negative into positive, you are the master you are in control as none, has the power to hurt you or take anything from you; even your joy. This moment contains your life.

There are no limitations to the imagination

Plant a seed and watch it grow plant a seed of Hope and courage

Take control of your thoughts and life but watch your thoughts so they don t control you. It is your attitude how you think and how you feel.

Remove all fears and you will be healed and don t put weight on your heart what have you done to punish your self that you keep hurting your self. Don t feed your fears.

It is how you think mentally when your health is bad don t let those thoughts stay with you even for a moment, ZAP it out change the negative to positive right away.

Think of the mind as a shield using the words truth and love so nothing can enter the mind and don t let anything rise from within. Get rid of it like getting rid of a pair of old shoes.

Just like losing weight, there are two words to use. Our bodies are only matters just like JESUS CHRIST proved it to us.

I asked God who is this great being who is going to walk on this earth plane and I saw JESUS CHRIST in a dream.

Don t condemn others instead bless them from the lord God of your being inhale your love to them and send your love you will feel better and they will have something good to say to you.

Have trusted in your self every thing is possible.

Remember this is Gods world and we are only residents, we are a reflection of what we see people with your spiritual eye not the physical eye. God wants only your own spiritual effort and he gave us the freedom to be free, we took birth and we have to live it out.

Know the truth about your self we are the light of the world and only we can restore this world back to sanity. This is the way to peace on earth for all so let your love flow from your heart and forgiveness in your soul.

In Gods eyes we are all special and no one is greater than the next. You have enough love in your heart to fill this entire universe. As human love is doubt and fear. BE STILL AND KNOW GOD

Don t change the world change your self We are the light of the world God love you and so do I.


About the Author

Gayle is a self-realized spiritual person. She has a strong bond with herself; she looks at life with light and love through her eyes. She has dedicated her life to God and others. She says you are nothing less than light and love. She self-taught herself in many ways.

Gayle is a Yoga teacher. She volunteers at many places, as she received a special commendation award in recognition of significant contributions to community life in Wisconsin, She has been on National T.V. And has written a book on Epilepsy, which she donated to the A.R.E. clinic, the Edgar Cayce foundation. She has written and published poems, for which she received the editors’ award. She is an activist in her community. Her missions never end.

God is the author, as God planned her life. Now it is time for it to all unfold.

Nine Months before her husband died she knew that something good was coming into her life. Her friend or angel Allison came to her in a dream and she feels she is guiding her and for the spiritual insights she has for others and her self.

Gayle knows it is Gods love and thoughts coming through her to help others. She says it is a gift and if you use it the wrong way you will lose it.

She says higher we can not look farther we cannot go.

Please except this book as a gift from God. God has blessed me over and over I know he will surly bless the fruits of your life to.

God is just waiting for you to talk to him your desires and prayers he answers all desires and prayers.

He will surely bless you as he has blessed me.

In God eyes we are all perfect.