by Boyd Carr



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Language : English
Publication Date : 07/07/1977

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8.25x11
Page Count : 116
ISBN : 9781585009213

About the Book

I got fired. I was the president of the firm. It was a family affair. It was really about the money. There was not enough to go around. Time was short. Death was in the air. I became an artist. Made corrugated cardboard birds, painted them with acrylic, and gave some away. One day I got a head cold. One learns that one can not stand at a workbench and make birds with a head cold. I sat down by the window and reviewed the literature. There, in the crux of the tree, were two squirrels copulating. I was embarrassed, but I was also fascinated. They seemed to know what they were doing. After a while they went away. Their image remained. We had a lot of squirrels at our bird feeder.

What was I to do to fulfill my life as an artist? I listened to the stillness of the hillside. Years ago I was struck with the image of a figure eight while sitting in a rocking chair and speculating on the nature of gravity. It was a glowing sensation that was wonderful. I made notes and went to my studio and painted, not a figure eight, but I feasted upon the experience. The next afternoon I approached my chair and the notes with a lover's anxiety only to find them cold.

I knew not where the passion went and I could not explain the image away. Now, I sat with this memory and the gravity of my situation. I started over with stick figures. In about fifteen years I had the figure eight and the story line to eternity in image form and it made perfect sense. I also recognized the classic images of the folks who had run this table before me. The greatest story ever told is understandable if one takes the time to get familiar with the basic transactions of mankind. When these are depicted using squares, circles and triangles they reveal memorable images which can be articulated.

The bold assertion that these images seem to know what they are doing sheds a new light on an old game. One can see noteworthy themes and argue the merits of the logos for overcoming inequality. With the knowledge of the part the principle piece plays in one's self-centeredness, a breakthrough, we pick out a tree as a vital partner. Our long term goal of atonement, in 1,000 years, has us plot a successful course requiring both utilization and sacrifice of the ideal figure eight for us to pass through the situation of our dire straits & claim our ticket to get on for eternity. I now knew how to fulfill my destiny as an artist.

About the Author

The author's parents divorced when he was young. Boyd Carr attended many schools, became adept at sports and did artwork for amusement. He became scholastically ineligible to compete in track while attending the engineering school of the University of Virginia and devoted his talent to graphic art. After graduating with a bachelor's degree in aeronautical engineering in 1957, he joined the Air Force and got married. After being honorably discharged, he became a corporate traveler for Blue Ridge Optical Co. After a period of tumult in his life, including a divorce, the death of his third child, the passing of his father and the loss of his job, he took up art full-time in 1980. Carr has since remarried.