True World

by Philip E. Chance



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 23/03/2000

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 420
ISBN : 9781585001668

About the Book

You are about to embark on a journey. A journey through the mind of one whose thoughts have finally been put to text. For years I have been a fan of various comic book titles and I found myself fascinated by the ideas and concepts of others. Beings with the ability to fly through the air and bend steel with their bare hands. Others who had been exposed to radiation and found their lives forever changed. These are the things that excited me. I can remember myself staying up late at night and reading about my favorite superhero as he once again saved the world from a diabolical villain. That was the norm.

As time passed I continued to read these story lines and the outcome always turned out the same. The hero won and the world was once again safe, but I found myself becoming bored. A change was needed. In recent years the comic book industry has tried to revamp their heroes. Some have gone through personality changes, while others have been killed off only to return again to continue their war against crime and injustice. But I asked myself: How many times can you kill a person off? What the world needs is a change.

Now ask yourself: If a person in this day and age had super powers, would they really run around in spandex and try to save the world? I don’t think so. These are different times and we are a different people. Situations are different. Our whole way of life is different. That is why I’m here. To bring a new perspective to the term...hero.

In this world you will witness the exploits of the True Breed as they rage their war against humanity and others of their kind. You will also bear witness to the Holy Wars as Sabbath and Messiah ignite the flame that burns within one’s religious beliefs. You will marvel at the adventures of The Gifted One as he battles against forces that threaten our world. Then finally, you witness the gathering of ReKon 3, America’s greatest fighting team.

These are the things that I bring to you. Heroes that represent what we once were and all of what we are soon to be. Welcome to the world of...true visions.

--Philip E. Chance

About the Author

Philip E. Chance, age 32, is currently a food service supervisor who is married with a 12 year old son. As hobbies he enjoys computers, the Internet, comic books, video games, basketball, boxing, Star Trek and, of course, writing. Mr. Chance has aspirations to have his characters recognized world wide, and to be involved with a creative concept that will revolutionize the sci-fi industry.