The Dummy

by Alan S. Ferguson



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 22/01/1998

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 328
ISBN : 9781420871708

About the Book

A grave injustice, a life sentence, is carried out on a boy not yet 2 years old. Greg Runnerstrum is judged to be retarded, he is ridiculed daily. The bullies pound this scarlet letter into him at will with glee. This is a must read for those who abhor socialized injustice and cheer the triumph of the spirit over all obstacles. For Greg Runnerstrum may start out on the bottom but he surely doesn't end up there, quite the contrary. A small assortment of people from different walks of life see beyond the stigmatized Greg. Strangers really, they find a most worthwhile human being who grows thanks to their nurturing. From a dismal beginning, reader's spirits will soar with Greg as he finds his way through life - to the American dream and beyond.

This work will appeal to readers on several levels. Psychologically, 'The Dummy' deals with as boy's non-existent self-esteem and how his peers perceive and treat him based on his 'label'. How prejudices die ever so slowly upon the revelation that Greg is really brilliant. Emotionally, it's a roller coaster ride. Depressing at first, as everyday situations trigger past injustices. The beatings and humiliations will bring a sense of rage among readers. Sensual, for who would ever thought that Greg would find true love and deal with it on a mature, emotional level? Philanthropic, as Greg, with nothing to give, is given everything and enjoys returning the favor by helping others, anonymously. Introspective. Are you Greg? Greg's friend? Or one of his tormentors?

- Alan S. Ferguson

About the Author

Alan S. Ferguson, 48, was born and raised in Southeastern Wisconsin. He holds a B.A. in Communication Arts - 1971 and a B.B.A. in Accounting - 1980 from the University of Wisconsin. In between college, Alan spent 5 years roaming the airwaves as a Rock-Jock. He spent the 1980's in Los Angeles learning how not to live and returned to the tranquil life in the Midwest to write of his experiences.