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  • Published: December 2005
  • Format: Perfect Bound Softcover(B/W)
  • Pages: 208
  • Size: 5x8
  • ISBN: 9781420872378
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Set in the quiet countryside of post-war England, this is a story of intrigue and espionage. This full-length novel will hold your attention whether you are a mystery lover, a history fan, or simply enjoy psychological intrigue.

Edith is a fifty year old veteran of World War II and once worked as an overseas intercept operative for the British OSS. Wartime trauma and the violent death of friends have taken their toll on her mind and she has lost the ability to cope. Now, housed in a remote sanitarium, she tries to deal with her all but forgotten past in war-torn France, the present horrors of captivity in a house for the insane, and an almost certain future interned with other “nuts”.

Flashbacks will send the reader racing between the field of battle in occupied France and the darkened halls of stone in the Rose of The Valley Sanitarium.

As trauma and terror converge at the climax, a long lost sister and a loose mouthed London news reporter correspond and discover they have something in common; they both know just enough about what is going on at the sanitarium to intrigue and scare them.

The solution seems so simple: go to the sanitarium, confront The Captain – the alcoholic and cruel governess of that institution, and uncover truths hidden with those dark stone walls.

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