Author in the News

Authors in the News features AuthorHouse authors with a book that has been nominated for an award or featured in select national media outlets. Please visit our Twitter page for more authors in the news.

It’s Okay to Wait

Alonda Thomas

It’s Okay to Wait by Alonda Thomas is a picture book for teens and parents. It depicts the story of an adolescent girl and her father having a rational discussion about sex. In a feature story by, readers share their positive reactions to the unconventional book.

My Life at Liz Claiborne

Jerome A. Chazen

Jerome A. Chazen, one of the founders of the multibillion-dollar fashion company, Liz Claiborne, recently published his business memoir, My Life at Liz Claiborne. He shares his motivation on writing and building a business in an article by 77 Square.

The Masters of Hope

Carmel Kennedy

Carmel Kennedy’s concern for the future of the human race and the alarming present situation of the planet earth pushed her to write her first book. The Sault Star interviews the author about her sci-fi novel, The Masters of Hope.

The Princess and Storm

J.W. Garry, Jr. runs a full feature article on author Bill Gary Jr. and his first book The Princess and Storm. The article covers Mr. Gary’s book reading to a bunch of grade school kids where he awed them with the book’s marvellous story and pictures.

Crazy Cleo The Caterpillar

Greg Williams

Crazy Cleo The Caterpillar is an inspiring children’s book about an ambitious caterpillar named Cleo who dreams of being able to fly one day. Author Greg Williams shares his motivation for writing the book in a feature story published on

Tia’s Troubles

Leanne Plein Micinilio

Leanne Plein Micinilio had a book reading of her recently published children’s book,Tia’s Troubles, at The Giggling Pig, a children’s art studio. The event was featured inNew Haven

My Auntie's Shoes

Amanda McKay

Author Amanda McKay was featured She shares the inspiration in writing her recent children’s book,My Auntie’s Shoes. In the article, she shares that the story behind her book is a true story.

S.O.S. Success over Statistics

Nicole Gates

Nicole Gates shares her amazing story as an author and single mother inTri-State Defender Online. Her book,S.O.S. Success over Statistics, mainly talks about her triumph over the odds as a divorcee and single mother.

Prodomon: Bringer of Fear

Victoria Nolan

Victoria Nolan is a third-grader and a published author. In a feature byObserver & Eccentric, the phenomenal nine-year-old author ofProdomon: Bringer of Fearshares that her book is dedicated to her teacher who was the first to say that her book is wort

Sweet Demotion

Lonn Friend

Famous rock and roll journalist Lonn Friend expresses his views on life and writing in an interview published onGlide He also talks about his recent memoir,Sweet Demotion, that pools together stories from his first job as a writer for Hust

The Easter Bunny That Grew Up

Gretta Parker

Publishers Newswire.comfeatures a full article on the history behind the bookThe Easter Bunny That Grew Up, written by Gretta Parker. The book pays tribute to a little rabbit named Flopsy, who captured the hearts of people around the world on Facebook a

The Way to the Shining City

Elaine Stienon

The Way to the Shining Cityby Elaine Stienon earns an Honorable Mention in the General Fiction Category of the recently concluded2011-2012 Los Angeles Book Festival. The novel is about the journey of the early Mormons in America. It narrates their searc

When the Stars Align

Carole Eglash-Kosoff

When the Stars Alignby Carole Eglash-Kosoff earns an Honorable Mention in the General Fiction Category of the recently concluded2011-2012 Los Angeles Book Festival. The novel tackles the complexities of race, gender, and love against actual historical e

Time Together, Time Well Spent!

Casey Rislov

Time Together, Time Well Spentby Casey Rislov and illustrated by Stephen Adams garners an Honorable Mention in the Children’s Books Category of the2011-2012 Los Angeles Book Festival. This book portrays many family favorite activities in a rhythmic pros

Melinda: A Mostly Magnificent Moose

Daniel Burch Fiddler

Melinda: A Mostly Magnificent Mooseby Daniel Burch Fiddler garners an Honorable Mention in the Children’s Books Category of the2011-2012 Los Angeles Book Festival. This story of a rambunctious moose romps into every child’s heart with joy and dazzles im

A Friend like John

Suzanne B. Bartlett, MD

A Friend like Johnby Suzanne B. Bartlett garners an Honorable Mention in the Children’s Books Category of the2011-2012 Los Angeles Book Festival. This is intended for elementary-aged peers of children with autism. It discusses the similarities of autist

Harold Jones: The Singer's Drummer

Gil Jacobs and Joe Agro

Harold Jones: The Singer's Drummerby Gil Jacobs and Joe Agro was given an Honorable Mention in the General Nonfiction Category of the2011-2012 Los Angeles Book Festival. This memoir chronicles the life of Harold Jones, whose career spanned the last five

Remembering Becca

Alexander Rosenfeld

Remembering Beccaby Alexander Rosenfeld is a runner-up in the Romance Category of the2011-2012 Los Angeles Book Festival. The first-time author is a self-confessed romantic and a native of Allentown, Pennsylvania. He is currently attending Emory Univers

Tragedy &anp; Trust

Thom Vines with John Michael Vestal

Tragedy & Trustby John Michael Vestal garners an Honorable Mention in the Spiritual Category of the2011-2012 Los Angeles Book Festival. This is the story of a family and a boyfriend who had to deal with the sudden death of eighteen-year-old Kesley Vines

A Passion for Prying

Nancy Mangano

A Passion for Pryingby Nancy Mangano earns an Honorable Mention in the Mystery Category of the2012-2012 Los Angeles Book Festival. The author holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communications and Associate in Arts Degree in Criminal Justice. Both are hig

Best Buddies Series (3-in-1) Books

Marlene Lewis

Marlene Lewis has written three books to date— two novels and a “three-in-one” children’s book. Lewis is a retiree and she keeps herself busy selling crafts at farmer’s market, playing with her grandchildren, and writing books. Her works, includingBest B

An African Safari

Richard C. Hood

An African Safariis a book that gives a child lessons on African wildlife, protection of natural resources, and many other valuable information through beautiful pictures and challenging puzzles. The Reading Corner ofMyrtleBeachOnlinerecommends this edu

Cooper Goes to a Hockey Game

Julie A. Walker

As a mother of two young children and the wife of a professional hockey player, Julie Walker has made countless trips to the arena to watch hockey games. When she was diagnosed with cervical cancer in 2009, she turned her priorities around during her trea

Prodomon-Bringer of Fear

Victoria Nolan

Prodomon-Bringer of Fearis an extraordinary book not just because of the original story but also because it was authored by nine-year-old Vicki Nolan. Her move to publish her book was inspired by Fox 2 Zip Trip’s Jason Carr telling her “If you put your m

Song of Solomon for Teenagers

Chris Ray

Thechristianpost.comruns a full feature on author Chris Ray’s latest bookSong of Solomon for Teenagers. The author and youth minister talks about the purpose of the book and the reasons why teens engage in sex and puts God on the sideline of their prio

The Awesome Adventures of Alice Marie Von Bugaboo and Her Unusual Family

Stephen Ginsberg

Author Stephen Ginsberg is an eye surgeon and a doting grandfather. In a feature, Ginsberg admits that his motivation to write a children’s story is to leave a legacy to his grandchildren. He also proudly talks about his eleven-year-old grand

Pablo Visits the Desert

Mary Wisham Fenstermacher

TheExaminer.cominterviews award-winning author Mary Wisham Fenstermacher, whose children’s storyPablo Visits the Desertearned high acclaim at the recently concluded USA Book News Best Books 2010 & 2011. In the article, the author shares her Las Vegas

Shinar 54

Corey Sanders

The Eastern Arizona Courierruns a full feature story on their local resident and family court judge Corey Sanders, who has recently published his first novel with AuthorHouse.Shinar 54is a story of conflict between good and evil, truth and lies, and th

Magical Moments with Roy and Toni

Delores Allan

The Magical Momentsis a series of five children’s book penned by Delores Allan and illustrated by her sister Bernita St. John Wiebke. Each story is set in the 1940s and early 1950s where the characters live and enjoy a simple life in a beautiful farm lea

Animal Dreams and Fantasies

Jim Kilmer

Animal Dreams and Fantasies is an animal fiction book written in rhyming verses for both young and old. The book describes how animals would behave if they have human qualities and values. In a full feature story by, the author shares

Soaring Skyward

Claudine Burnett

Soaring Skywardis author Claudine Burnett’s sixth book. Burnett is a retired librarian who has been actively pursuing the history of southern California since 1971. In a full-feature article, Burnett talks about her new book and the creati

Birds Chasing Hope

Dr. Ashish Modi

Shreveporttimes.comannounces the book signing of first-time author Ashish Modi. His bookBirds Chasing Hopeis a hopeful and inspirational tale of a group of birds and animals who, despite all the odds, save their forest and habitat. The book signing will

Godly Ideas

Darcell Walker, J.D.

ChristianNewsToday.comfeatures the heartwarming and enriching book of Darcell Walker, J.D. who shares his wisdom in the spiritual, business, and legal aspects of developing ideas that is driven by one’s faith in God. The author is a practising attorney f

Steps of Courage

Bettina Hoerlin

Steps of Courageis a riveting love story during the conflicting times of World War II. The story was born from the five hundred love letters that the author, Bettina Hoerlin found in her late mother’s old suitcase. Hoerlin’s mother is well-known in Germa

Fragments of Imagination

Johnny Marcel O’Gradney

The prestigiousLondon Book Festivalrecently issued top honors to the winners in their writing contest. The poetry bookFragments of Imaginationby Johnny Marcel O’Gradney garnered a wining spot in the Honorable Mentions of the Poetry Category. The Lon


Hollie Delaney

A succinct yet thorough fiction review ofMeetingby Hollie Delaney was printed inPublishers Weekly. The review commends the author for “using her knowledge on the real estate business to develop a well-plotted story.”

The Hated Outsiders

Jesse C. Newman

TheKansas City Jewish Chronicleruns a full feature on Jesse Newman’s intriguing book,The Hated Outsiders. The article talks about the author’s intent and inspiration for writing about a controversial historical topic.