Author Spotlight

Author Spotlight

Nancy Szakacsy’s Tale of Tragedy

Marriage counselor Nancy Szakacsy has had no shortage of trials in her life, and she does nothing to hide this. In fact, she uses it as a source of learning for others in her new book. In Hannah Was Here, Szakacsy discusses the painful death of her daughter to an ill-prescribed medication. This heart-wrenching tale has captivated and moved many a reader already.

Here are what some readers say about the book:

“I was enraged, devastated, and moved with every turn of the page. Hannah Was Here is an alarm that must be heard.” —Brian Aubert, Silversun Pickups

“Hannah's fight both in life and death, carried on by her inspiring family, will empower hundreds of thousands to choose the beauty of morality, courage, and love. Quite simply, Hannah has changed my life. Thank you.” —Jamie Taylor, MD

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