Troyuan Chronicles... Book Five

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From my father, who I remember as a faded dream, I was given his stamina and the will not to give in. From my mother, who took up the burden after my father left the world, gave me the love and deep feelings I will draw upon when faced with an emotional crises. From my brother, whose scheming and jealousy never ceased, gave me a higher sense of competition that made me better than the lazy peasants. From my fun loving friends, who have all gone their separate ways, gave me that variety of companionship and the honesty amongst blood brothers that shall never perish. From my God, who is unique from within and without, the desire to seek and use the wisdom of her blessed and holy words. From my adopted father, who took a dangerous chance one early morning, gave me a new life and opened the door to the stars. These things I now know are the foundation stones of my life, a life that continues to unfold with each chapter I am forced to experience.

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