Miracle at Monty Middle School

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  • Published: December 2005
  • Format: Perfect Bound Softcover(B/W)
  • Pages: 180
  • Size: 5x8
  • ISBN: 9781420839708
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Marvin begins his first day of eighth grade feeling like a loser --  fat and depressed. After all, he wasn’t the smartest kid there ever was, and even his school – Monty Middle – tried to hide him, with 11 other “nobodies,” in Room 122 in the back of the school in a special “Drop Out Prevention” D.O.P. class.

But then “miracles” begin to happen the day Mr. Martin, a charismatic African-American writer turned teacher, walks into his class. He’s a teacher like no other, who helps Marvin, along with pals Markus, Quinesha, Roberto, Luis, Danielle, and others from the culturally-diverse class believe in themselves, and together they create miracles.

Do you believe in miracles? You will, after reading Miracle at Monty Middle School.


Perfect for middle and high school classrooms: “My students and I really enjoyed Miracle at Monty Middle School. It is an inspiring book taking a bunch of kids who think they are nobodies and turning them into kids who believed in themselves.” Sheila Berry, Middle School Language Arts Teacher, West Palm Beach, Florida


“This is what we live and relate to every day, Mon. through Fri. The book takes you through the reality of being a middle school teacher. Unless you’ve been there, you wouldn’t really know what goes on behind closed doors. It’s a great book. I think students would enjoy reading this book instead of the textbooks we have now.” Anna Sterling, Middle School Language Arts Teacher, West Palm Beach, Florida


Book available in Spanish

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