The Great Body Bible

Total Self Improvement Guide

by The Fitness Wizards



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Language : English
Publication Date : 10/14/2014

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8.25x11
Page Count : 746
ISBN : 9781496991553
Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 746
ISBN : 9781496991560

About the Book

Finally we had realised that our fitness and nutrition habits worked in the rest of our lives also and are now able to show good habits to our circle of influence across the whole of our lives. It is never too late to make that lasting impression, not with loud words but with worthy actions. . Appearing perfect is not the example to set, being human and accepting responsibility for your life is far worthier.
You can be whatever you want to be, though at times you may find that hard to believe. Life is too short to live through it being any less than the best that you can be. Imagine yourself in one year: how would you like to look and feel? Are you fit, strong, confident, proud, and healthy? Are you the perfect role model for all of the people who know you? Are you working towards these goals right now, or are they just wishes and hopes for the future? If your dreams seem far away or unrealistic, you can bring them into your reality right now, in this very moment, by making a commitment to change the way you think and thus change your life. We wrote this book for you, to provide the simple guidelines that you need to coach and attain your dream body, health, and fitness, and to become an ideal role model for everyone that knows you.
Our job is to show you how you can have the body, fitness, health, and peace of mind you crave. You can become the star in your own life performance. We will tell you exactly what has worked for us. We will share our potent habits, and you can choose which you can use in your life.
Your job is to make a commitment to yourself to undergo the coaching process, become your own coach, and be ready to accept with an open mind any new ideas and the new you.
Your life is an amazing journey, so get enthusiastic about your future and generate some real excitement – you have everything to gain. Become your own biggest fan, because self-belief is potent magic – Bodymagic!

About the Author

The Fitness Wizards are Julie and Gary Walsh, a husband-and-wife team for over thirty years. They are parents and grandparents. They have more than thirty years’ experience each in the fitness industry as club owners.

In their late forties, after they’d hit rock bottom, a particularly turbulent period in their lives, Julie and Gary made wholesale changes. Both attended university at an age when most people are considering early retirement. They achieved first-class honours in Sports Studies (Gary), English and Education (Julie). These added to the fitness diplomas they already held.  Also at this time both successfully completed 12 weeks mentor training with Greenhouse mentoring in the UK. The combined experiences of hitting rock bottom of a selfish, materialistic lifestyle and then re-educating themselves to be in service to others at such a late time of life acted as the catalyst to spark a new vigour and purpose into the way they both viewed life. Life seemed to begin in their late forties. Using the model of success that they had maintained in their fitness and physique-building world, throughout the bad times, even during the period when it seemed the rest of their world was evaporating before their very eyes, they made changes to every other part of their thought processes. They had to change the way they had been thinking to this point and the way they had been acting along with it. They adapted the rest of their lives using the highly positive physical health and fitness paradigm that had given such stability to their turbulent lives when they’d needed it most. They are learning more each day.

They both ticked physique competition off their bucket lists in their late forties and early fifties. They now train and mentor young people in what Gary calls “PT+”. Thanks to the example learned from their fitness lives in beleaguered times.