My Justice

by Patricia A. McKnight



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 3/23/2011

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 276
ISBN : 9781452071695
Format : E-Book
Dimensions : E-Book
Page Count : 276
ISBN : 9781452071701

About the Book

This amazing story of survival will capture you from Prelude to Ending. It will shock and disturb the deepest parts of your being. In it you will walk the path of a little girl so utterly destroyed by those entrusted with her care. You will feel her strength to survive as the towns people around her ignored the child's cry. Trecia Ann will allow you into her thoughts; her exasperating fears that haunt her soul. Trecia Ann is an adorable little girl with bright blue eyes and long brownish blonde hair. At the age of five the sweet kindergarten child is filled with joy and innocence. Her mother spends time each morning preparing her child for school with braids in her hair and a kiss on her cheek to start her day. Her older brother is the second greatest person she knows. He is only 18 months older but in her eyes he is her hero and her best friend. Then on one cold December night however, her life would change in an instant. The cold of the winter wind would not be as chilling as the rush of fear through her body. After spending a wonderful weekend celebrating her fifth birthday with her father and grandparents, the last happy memory would be her grandmother's hug as she said goodbye; returning the young children to their mother and pulling away as they ran up the walkway to their door. As she went rushing inside to search out her mom and tell her about the amazing birthday presents she carried under her arms, the little girl would stop dead so fast with fear that she almost stumble over her own two feet. There, sitting on the old style 1960's turquoise colored couch, was the devil himself. In that brief second her hairs on the back of her neck froze and the rush of fear that shot through her soul was colder than the winter wind blowing around outside. Trecia's mother came walking out of the kitchen to welcome her daughter with a hug, but as she stepped towards her mother she was shaken by the huge thick hands of evil reaching out for her. She stood between her mother's legs, grabbing hold for protection. Then her mom spoke words that would haunt her forever, "Trecia Ann, honey, this is going to be your new Daddy." Her dad was wonderful and loving, but this man had eyes so cold they shined like steel and as he reached for her, the temperature dropped and she unconsciously shook with terror. Two months later her life would be changed forever. This devil that dominated their house would control every moment of her day and terrorize each of her nights. This man would degrade, beat, stalk, taunt, molest and rape this girl for the next twelve years. The mother she loved would no longer care if her beautiful daughter rotted in his sadistic attacks. Trecia would be denied any medical care for the filth that ate away at her skin. She would never receive any dental care or be provided with even a toothbrush. The school, the towns people and even the police would ignore, but whisper about the ugliness of this child. Her school mates, just children, would tease or turn away. The once shining bright eyes of a child now carried only pain and loneliness. It is only after years of healing that Trecia Ann has now chosen to remove the coal stained hand that trapped and held her silent. The horrific secrets of her past and the behaviors of a "trained" abused child are now being shared. It is my own childhood of nightmares that I use to speak out for the millions of survivors who carry the terrifying traumas of their past. We all deserve to have roses in our garden of life and it is by talking that we can truly help to educated and protect those who cannot speak out and protect themselves.

About the Author

Ms Patricia 'Trish' McKnight lives quietly now in South Central Illinois. She has become a strong advocate against abuses and cruelties of all forms. "Whether it is cruelty to children, adults, or animals; this is something we must always give our best at combating to bring an end to these heinous acts." Life for her now is active, but SAFE. She has developed an abuse recovery and educational site, with an extensive resources of bloggers, authors, survivors, orgs & foundations who are educating and rescuing children and adults every day. You can visit her site at . You will find her created talk radio programs by visiting . She does informative, educational, and empowerment speaking. Her blogs and articles are shared across our social sites daily. Her talents and devotion have been recognized by the receipt of numerous awards from, Dreamcatchers for Abused Children, I CARE Foundation, ACESforKids and many others. Trish has created an online active support group in three separate areas across the web to provide support, healing, and friendship to the millions of others who know this pain and terror. Although healing is always a work in process that must be taken at each person's own pace, she highly recommends that all who have been harmed find the courage to speak up and break the barriers of silence that still trap our kids today. There is a growing alarming rate at which children and adults are being physically, emotionally, sexually violated and broken by those who should love and protect them. The crimes within our home have become the largest battle we have yet to address in our society. It is of utmost importance that we become vigilant at teaching our children how to talk and discuss any fears they may have. 'Do not abandon those who have been abused, beaten, raped, controlled. Gather around them in support, guidance and healing as we all learn how to move forward with the many issues of PTSD, depression, anxiety; not to mention the crime rate to victimize others but also the many addictions and self harm related to a life of trauma. We can all learn how to Live Strong & Fly Free. Always believe in your value as a human being, that you too are deserving of love, happiness and most of all safety. We all deserve roses in our garden of life.' Patricia 'Trish' McKnight Author/Advocate/Speaker/Writer/Talk Radio Prod. & Host/ Survivor/ Founder; Butterfly Dreams Abuse Recovery & Talk Radio Programming BLOG: FACEBOOK: