The Monarch Mystery

by B. Palma



Book Details

Language : Spanish
Publication Date : 5/17/2007

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8.25x11
Page Count : 160
ISBN : 9781425989477

About the Book


In this fourth book in the Palo Alto Adventure series, Juanita and Leora are tricked into riding in an escaramuza, the galloping dance girls do during the Mexican charreadas. Three spiteful girls make the practice sessions very dangerous.

Carlos and Elena start a university ecological party and run into some very dangerous illegal loggers in the Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary. Carlos risks his life to save Elena.

Pedro's wood-carving skills provide an important clue.

The summer camp riding school proves a great success and the group visits many interesting places around the State of Michoacán, Mexico.



En este cuarto libro de Aventuras Palo Alto, Juanita y Leora montan en una escaramuza, el baile a galope que las amazonas hacen durante las charreadas mexicanas. Tres jovencitas resentidas hacen que las prácticas sean muy peligrosas.

Carlos y Elena empiezan un movimiento ecologista en su universidad y se tropiezan con peligrosos talamontes ilegales en el santuario de las mariposas monarcas. Carlos arriesga su vida para salvar a Elena.

Las habilidades artesanales de Pedro producen una pista importante.

El campamiento ecuestre de verano tuvo un gran éxito y el grupo visita muchos lugares interesantes alrededor del Estado de Michoacán.


About the Author

B. Palma has enjoyed horseback riding all her life, especially in her youth in the State of Michoacan, Mexico, and show jumping in Mexico City with her husband. His true tales of growing up on his family’s sixteen haciendas and those of her adventurous youth in the Mexican countryside are woven into all of the Palo Alto adventures. Their lifetime love of horses is reflected by their years of equestrian show jumping. They now live in Mexico City and still ride every day.


Ms. Palma is the owner/director of two Montessori schools in Mexico City. She has a degree in Psychology, Summa Cum Laude, and a Masters in Education, specializing in Montessori Integrated Education.

She recently had an eight-page article published in the March centennial issue of the Montessori Life magazine.

A similar article will be published in the Alpha Delta Kappa International Teacher's Sorority's biannual journal; The Kappan


Recently she was awarded the Mexican National Press Circle's Special Award for Educational Merit, 2008

Her Elementary School has been officially acknowledged as a model school for the State of Mexico

Her next book, And Then, takes the young adventurers of her books forward ten years where their childhood friendships grow into the beginnings of lifetime relationships.

The first two books are available in Braille in Spanish.