Victoria Howard


Self-Publishing Kentucky Horse Park: Paradise Found

My name is Victoria Howard and I am the author of the Kentucky Horse Park: Paradise Found. The book is about the wonderful Kentucky Horse Park that’s located in Lexington, Kentucky. It has some retired horses, unique horses from around the world that you can go see. So I decided to write a book because, like myself, there are a lot of people that have never heard of it. And even though they’ve been in the business, I think they need to go see firsthand what it’s all about. And if they can’t, then that’s why I wrote the book so I bring you right there into the park.

Choosing to Self-Publish with AuthorHouse

When I was going to self-publish, I decided to look into who is the best. I went to several of them and AuthorHouse is far, far, and above everybody else that I’ve interviewed and I’ve met.

From the minute when I decided to publish up until the book was done, they’re right there for you and they’re just great. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. I highly recommend them.

Sharing Her Love of Horses

I’m an animal lover but a horse is, to me, the greatest gift that God gave us. And they have emotions and they are very sensitive. If I had not written this book on this great place, thousands of people would not be able to see and appreciate what they really have to offer. So, having a book is like being there.