Greg Triggs

Self-Publishing The Next Happiest Place on Earth

My book tells a story of a woman named Francis Fiore who is restarting her life after an unexpected turn of events. So she moves to Orlando, Florida where she becomes the art director for a fictional theme park.

Choosing to Self-Publish with AuthorHouse

I'm a freelance creative director and between projects, I found myself getting very frustrated and not feeling very productive. So I thought that writing a book would be a great opportunity to engage my creativity, grow, learn a new skill, and keep myself busy between projects.

We live in a time of everything being redefined, so I'm not really interested in pursuing traditional models because to me, that doesn't represent the future. And I liked AuthorHouse because they offer a level of business support that allowed me to concentrate on the marketing and quality of my book.

Working with AuthorHouse

As a creative director, I'm very often inheriting some of the choices from other people—there's a style guide or there is a palette that's already been chosen that I'm reacting to. And with my book, I was able to make all of those choices myself and it was thrilling.

From submitting my first draft to getting the formatting, choosing the fonts, seeing the layout, challenging some of their ideas for the specificity of my book, I felt like there was a lot of teamwork and that's exactly what I needed.

Remembering the Moment He Received His Book

“Firsts” in your life start to happen less often and I will remember the day that my book arrived from AuthorHouse as one of those “firsts” and an excellent one. And one that had been long in the making and totally earned. Getting that book and ripping open the envelope and seeing my cover and holding the book and seeing the font and touching the paper—it was an amazing experience and one I won't soon forget.