AuthorHouse Author Diana Finfrock Farrar Shares Her Experiences With Self-Publishing

Self-Publishing and Marketing The Door of the Heart
The Door of the Heart opens with a gay high school athlete being bullied at school. And he’s bullied by the son of a prominent Texas politician. Ed Sloan, the politician, and his wife Tammy suddenly find themselves on opposite sides of this hot issue—gay rights. We follow Tammy throughout the book as she grows and begins to look at the LGBT community through a loving and caring and compassionate Christian lens.

Self-Publishing with AuthorHouse
AuthorHouse just far and away seemed to have more that they offered the author in relation to marketing. It seemed like there was always something else available for me. I was able to go to LA for a PitchFest. I was able to have several different marketing campaigns through libraries across the country. And quite frankly the people I spoke with, especially initially, seemed genuinely interested in my project and in my story—and that makes a difference.

Attending East Hampton Library’s Author’s Night
The Door of the Heart changed my life in so many ways and through the people I’ve met. I was offered an invitation to attend the East Hampton Library’s Authors Night. We met New York Assembly woman Rebecca Searight, who then introduced me to the chairman of the Authors Night event, who then introduced me to the people who actually extended the invitation and boom—we’re in East Hamptons with Christie Brinkley, Gwyneth Paltrow, Alec Baldwin, and many, many other famed authors. I was there with my book right alongside them. It was a thrill beyond words.

I have to admit, I was very pleasantly surprised at the way AuthorHouse supported me. They were wonderful in sending donated books to the library, supporting me, and highlighting me on several different author central interviews. I really appreciated that. It makes a difference in the way they see me and the way I can help promote my book.