AuthorHouse Co-Authors Andrea Perron and George R. Lopez on Self-Publishing In a Flicker

It’s difficult for us to describe it without giving away the mystery of it, but I will tell you that it is an absolutely fascinating conglomeration of fact and fiction. There are fictional characters that intermingle with the factual analysis of history itself.

George R. Lopez:
It’s a mental rollercoaster that gives everyone that front seat that you fear and you enjoy at the same time on that ride. It takes you through so many different characters, so many different locations, and so many different experiences that by time you get off of that ride, you’re exhausted, but for some reason, you want to get back on that ride again. And sometimes in the middle of it, they want to get off that ride, but we don’t let them.

I decided to write this book with George literally in a flicker, in a split second. When he told me this story, late at night, I think we finished at about two o’clock in the morning, and as I wiped the tears off my cheeks, I said, “George Lopez, you have got to write this down.”

It was trying to talk two different languages at the table, and as we were going along, I was learning a language as she was learning a language. A lot of what I had again was very, very edgy to begin with. But to be able to put it into a beautiful song, a beautiful poem of 422 pages, is something that I don’t know if I was capable of doing without Andrea Perron.

The surprises were all pleasant. The surprises were all way beyond our expectations of what it would take to get this incredible novel out there in time for us to bring it with us to New Orleans to the Anne Rice Vampire Lestat fan club gathering and be able to share this at other great venues. I think it was all pleasant, wonderful!

I was surprised how fast it got all over the world, how fast it was formatted for virtually every e-reader, how fast I was being sent links to, It was up, it was up. We were already having readers. It’s been out for, just really a few weeks and we were getting reviews back from Australia, New Zealand, all of Europe, Canada—it’s everywhere, omnipresent and so quickly. I was shocked. And it’s not that they didn’t do that with the trilogy too because they did, but not like this. It was almost miraculous how fast they got this book into print. And I will continue to recommend AuthorHouse to anyone and everyone who comes down my path because I feel that they’re the best in the industry and that they have no compare.