Author Andrea Carlile Talks Self-Publishing with AuthorHouse

The book is about post-traumatic stress disorder and how it affects family. When I first started writing the book, it was just a journal of my thoughts and feelings and what my family went through. I would get up at four o’clock in the morning and just write. Go to bed at ten o’clock in the morning and just think, “I need to write, I need to write.” And before I knew it, I had essentially a book. One of my friends at church said, “You know you really should try to publish this.” And I said, “I’m not an author. I’ve never published a book before. I wouldn’t even know where to start.

I first started looking at traditional publishing but found out that it was quite laborious and could take a long time. And I felt that this was something that needed to get out there now to help others. And so I looked up self-publishing and AuthorHouse came up, and I was like “All right, I’ll look into them.” And so I called a Publishing Consultant and that was the first step of the process.

They have provided lots and lots of services that really truly helped me get my story out there. We’ve done interviews and different marketing things. They’ve helped me set up a website, a Facebook page. I could call pretty much anytime if I had any questions and that was just really, really helpful.

The book was first delivered in a box, and I remember opening up the box, and there was a physical book with my name on it, which was just a dream come true. Such a rewarding experience to have finished that goal and to actually have a book that people could go out and buy.