Greg Triggs

Author Greg Triggs discusses what it was like to publish his book, The Next Happiest Place on Earth, with AuthorHouse and how he was able to use their services to collaborate on the format, layout and design of his book. He also shares what it was like to receive and hold his book for the first time, and how it's an experience he will continue to treasure.

Victoria Howard

Author Victoria Howard shares her passion for horses through her book, Kentucky Horse Park: Paradise Found. The book tells the history of Kentucky Horse Park located in Lexington, KY and features photographs of various horse breeds. Victoria also discusses why she chose to self-publish through AuthorHouse, and what it means to her to be able to publish her book.

Author Diana Finfrock Farrar Shares Her Self-Publishing Experience

From finding a self-publisher genuinely interested in her story to signing books in the East Hamptons with celebrities, financial advisor and AuthorHouse author Diana Finfrock Farrar talks about her novel The Door of the Heart.

AuthorHouse Co-Authors Andrea Perron and George R. Lopez on Self-Publishing In a Flicker

AuthorHouse co-authors Andrea Perron and George R. Lopez describe the intriguing plot of their book In a Flicker. They also talk about their motivation for writing the book and the efficiency of the publishing process.

Author Andrea Perron on How She Chose to Self-Publish with AuthorHouse

AuthorHouse author Andrea Perron explains how her decision to self-publish her trilogy with AuthorHouse stemmed from a dream.

Author Andrea Perron on Her Positive Experience Self-Publishing with AuthorHouse

AuthorHouse author Andrea Perron talks about the ease of the AuthorHouse content approval process for her books. She also describes her positive experience working and connecting with the team at AuthorHouse throughout the process of publishing each of her books.

AuthorHouse Author George R. Lopez on Why to Be a Writer

AuthorHouse author George R. Lopez talks about what your motivations should be when writing a book.

Andrea Carlile

Andrea Carlile's book The War That Came Home details the horrors she faced dealing with her husband's PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder), and was featured in the recent documentary film When War Comes Home.

Bruce Kimmel

Grammy-nominated record producer, actor, director, and author Bruce Kimmel boasts a decades-long career that includes appearances on Happy Days, MASH, Laverne and Shirley, and Little House on the Prairie.

C. S. Marks

C. S. Marks’ fantasy tale Elfhunter (and its sequels) were picked up for a traditional publishing contract by Parthian Press.

Dr. John Carvalho

Dr. John Carvalho’s The Crisis of Our Time was submitted for the Pulitzer Prize (Autobiography/ Biography category) in 2014. In addition, John was nominated “Best Literary Writer” by the Artists in Music Awards (AIMA).