Types of e-book publishing formats

Books come in many different shapes and sizes. Lightweight paperbacks provide easy transport, while hardbound books round out personal libraries. At the same time, e-books are steadily becoming much more popular. E-books can be published in a variety of formats, and AuthorHouse can transform your book into any of them.

Here are just a few of the most common e-book publishing formats available:


The EPub format is an open standard for e-books that was established by the International Digital Publishing Forum. This format is based on XHTML and XML, and is a popular format choice for a wide range of devices. When you take advantage of AuthorHouse’s e-book publishing service, your book will be available in this format, which is compatible with Barnes and Noble’s nook, Kobo, iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad, and the Google Play Books.


This format, an open e-book standard that uses XHTML, JavaScript and frames, is for Mobipocket e-books. The files can be viewed with many PDAs and smartphones.  


This format stands for “Portable Document Format.” The PDF format was created by Adobe Systems and is highly compatible with PCs, Macs and Linux systems. PDF files can also be viewed directly on the Web with Adobe Reader. With our e-book publishing option, PDF e-books are available for purchase at AuthorHouse’s Bookstore, as well as distributed on major e-book retail sites, such as ebookmall.com .

If you’ve ever wondered how to find a publisher that knows the ins and outs of e-books, trust AuthorHouse's self-publishing solutions. We provide hassle-free options, keep you in control, and ultimately help you reach your goals. Contact us today for more information.