Custom Illustrations

What Happens During the Illustration Process?

1) Once we receive your completed Required Art Direction (RAD) form, it is reviewed by the Art Director and assigned to the artist who best fits your project parameters.

2) Within 2 to 3 weeks, you will receive copies of your initial sketches for your review. (This is the best time to make revisions to your illustrations.)

3) If you request revisions to sketches, your project is put back into a queue in the order it was received and will take 2 weeks for completion. (You are limited to 2 rounds of complimentary revisions at sketch stage.)
Sketch revisions are limited, depending on the complexity and time required to make such changes. For example, changing the length of a character’s hair or adding or deleting a character or item in a scene constitutes reasonable sketch revisions. Starting over with a completely new concept does not, and is considered a brand new illustration, and you will incur a 1-hour charge to completely create an entirely new sketch. Hourly Illustration fee is $79.

4) Once we receive your approval to go to final art, it will then take approximately 4 weeks to complete your final illustrations.

5) You will then receive copies of your completed illustrations for review. You will be required to sign an approval form for us to move you on to book production. (You are limited to 1 round of complimentary color revisions at final art stage.)
If you want to make revisions to final art beyond color modifications, you will incur additional charges to make those changes or may be required to purchase a completely new illustration. We reserve the right to make that determination based on your requested changes.