Custom Illustrations

What is the Difference Between a Custom Cover Design and a Custom Cover Illustration?

  • Custom Cover Design is included in the price of the standard publishing contract and is designed by one of our graphic designers using images and/or photographs either from our stock image site or with author-supplied images. Since stock images are available for purchase by multiple users, there is a chance that a stock image used on your cover will appear in some other print media. (Your Custom Cover can be designed using up to 2 images from our stock image site, free of charge. Additional images may be purchased as needed.) As an alternative to the Custom Cover Design, you are permitted to use any of the illustrations we have created for the interior of your book on your cover.
  • Custom Cover Illustration is an “add on” service that may be purchased in addition to the standard publishing package. It is an original work of art created exclusively for you by one of our in-house illustrators and will never be used by or sold to anyone else for use.