AuthorHouse Bookstore

How can I get my book featured in the bookstore?

There are four main criteria that AuthorHouse uses to determine which authors and books will be featured in the bookstore: quality, quantity, timeliness and remarkability.

Books of high quality are those that have received positive editorial and/or customer reviews and have been deemed high quality by AuthorHouse. Quantity is determined by the number of books that have been sold through the AuthorHouse Bookstore. Books with the highest sales figures will be featured in the “Bestsellers” section. Timely books are those that are relevant to current events or hot topics in the media, or titles that are appropriate for the particular time of year. Qualifying titles may be featured in the seasonal section on the home page. Remarkable books are those that have received special awards or designation from AuthorHouse.

Authors may also be asked by AuthorHouse to participate in an Author Spotlight or Author Video Interview, both of which are featured on the home page of the bookstore.