Retail Focus and Library Focus FAQs

What do the Retail Focus and Library Focus packages guarantee?

The Retail Focus and Library Focus packages are marketing programs targeting libraries and retailers or independent bookstores. Depending on the package you purchase, your book will be pitched to 25 libraries or 25 independent bookstores in the United States (with a focus on your local area or state) over a 90-day period.*

Three progress reports are provided, and the final report will detail the locations that have agreed to test your book. For the Retail Focus and Retail Focus for Children’s Books packages, at least two bookstores/retailers will agree to carry a copy of your book. For the Library Focus package, it will be two libraries. This test stocking period will last 2-3 weeks.

Will my book be on display at the bookstores?

No. When a bookstore agrees to test the book, they are agreeing to put the book on the category shelf. Stores charge extra for in-store promotions. There is a chance, however, that the book will be displayed if it's a new release, or if there is local interest in the book.

Will bookstore chains be contacted? (e.g., Barnes & Noble, Books-a-Million, etc.)

No, chain bookstores cannot make decisions at the local level and require approval from their main offices.

What criteria are used to select bookstores?

Your location and book topic determine the 25 independent bookstores that are targeted during the 90-day period. Bookstores that specialize in your book's topic are more likely to agree to a test, as are bookstores in your area (as they are often interested in promoting local talent).

Can I request for specific bookstores to be included in my pitch campaign?

Yes, you can request up to 5 store locations. We will do our best to reach out to them. However, we cannot guarantee the response of these individual stores. They reserve the right to refuse requests for display and/or stocking.

How are the bookstores contacted?

The contact begins with a direct phone call to the buyer-in-charge for each bookstore. The sell sheet about your book, a specially crafted cover letter, your pitch, and a copy is sent to the bookstore, and succeeding follow-ups are done via e-mail and/or phone. A call to confirm that a test copy of your book is available in-store completes the pitch process.

For how long will a test copy of my book be available in the bookstore?

If unsold, bookstores typically keep a test copy for 2-3 weeks.

Your final report will contain the names of the bookstores that have agreed to carry a test copy of your book. However, some books may sell faster than others and your book may have already been sold by the time you receive the third report.

How many copies do bookstores usually carry as a test?

Bookstores will usually carry 1-2 test copies of a book.

Will you be pitching the hardback version of my book?

While some libraries may prefer to purchase the hardback version, the campaign will focus on pitching your book's paperback version.

Will you provide the name of the bookstore buyers?

In the final report, AuthorHouse provides the addresses and phone numbers of those bookstores that have agreed to test your book. Make sure to read some helpful tips appended to your third report, before contacting these bookstores.