Literary Gateway FAQs

How does Awards Finder find which book awards are out there for my book?
Awards Finder technology tracks and monitors thousands of awards. Throughout your membership, the system automatically matches your book to its appropriate award opportunities. 

What does the 6 months’ access to Awards Finder guarantee?
You’re guaranteed at least one award category match a week and one nomination entry per month on the Awards Finder platform. 

Every month during the 6-month access, Awards Finder will select your book’s best award opportunity from the match results, and target that one award match for you by submitting a nomination entry. These targeted awards accept electronic submissions and have entry fees of up to $100 – your entry fees for the target awards are already covered by Awards Finder.

Can I purchase this service for an old book that I have published many years ago?
This service is available for all types of book genres that were published up to five (5) years ago.

Can Awards Finder target and submit an entry to more than one award match? 
Boost options are available if there are other award match opportunities you want to pursue, on top of the one targeted award every month. Boost options can be applied to award contests that accept electronic submissions. These options also have entry fees.

Can I use the match results and submit to the awarding body directly?
Awards Finder is designed to help you narrow your search for award opportunities by providing you award category matches every week. These are actionable matches – whether you use Awards Finder to submit the nomination for you or you submit directly to the awarding body.

You can rely solely on Awards Finder to pick, target and submit the award nomination for you every month; or, you can use the award contest information provided on your dashboard and submit nomination entries on your own.  Some of these award matches may still require a physical copy of the book, which you will need to submit along with the entry fee (if any) to the awarding body directly.
If you choose to enter an award match directly, make sure to email  so that particular award is not selected as a targeted match. 

Can I join a specific award?
If you want to join a specific award, you’ll have to indicate it in the author questionnaire we send to you before your account is set up. However, we can’t guarantee that your book will match the award that you prefer. If there are matches, it will appear during the 6-month duration of the service.

What assurance can AuthorHouse give that I’ll win an award?
AuthorHouse’s Literary Gateway does not guarantee you’ll win a book award; it is designed to match your book to as many great award opportunities as possible. As with any contest, not everyone will be an award winner. Awarding bodies operate independently from Awards Finder and adhere to their own judging criteria.