Cinema Advertising

This is Phil. Phil is on his way to the cinema to watch the latest box office hit.

Inside the theater, he has

  • Popcorn
  • A comfortable seat
  • Eyes glued to the screen
  • Undivided attention

And just as the movie’s about to roll, a video ad of a book plays on the screen. Of course, it isn’t just Phil who sees this. There’s Dennis, and Jen, and Ian. In fact, there’s a whole movie theater filled with people.

Would you like to get your own book in front of a captive audience at the movies? But first things first. Why should you advertise in a cinema? We can think of a few reasons . . .

  • There isn’t a lot of competition for your audience’s attention.
    They’ll be focused on one screen—the big screen.

  • You have the opportunity to make an audiovisual impact.
    You can pique their interest with striking visual & sound.

  • You’ll be communicating to an engaged audience.
    This is a crowd that’s more likely to be receptive to your ad.

Ready to promote your book to moviegoers in a cinema? We can help.

  • We’ll create a 30-second video ad of your book.
  • Or optimize your existing book video for the cinema.
  • This will then be shown in a cinema of your choice over the course of 4 weeks.
  • We’ll even top this off with other marketing tools so you can make the most out of your campaign.

So are you ready to reel in moviegoers with the help of our Cinema Advertising service? Contact us today at 1.833.262.8899 to learn more about this service or to sign up.