Color Hardcover Add-on


Authorhouse gives you the opportunity to preserve your color book in long-lasting hardcover format. For durability and class, each hardcover book is perfectly bound, and features a glossy, case-laminated cover. For a professional look, superior-quality, 70lb white paper is used for each page. You can choose between two trim sizes: either 8.5”x 8.5” or 8.5” x 11”. The size of your hardcover format must match the paperback version.

Your hardcover edition will also have its own unique ISBN.

Just like your book’s paperback format, your hardcover format will be made available in our extensive online book distribution network. In addition to Authorhouse’s online bookstore, your hardcover format will also be distributed through Ingram and Baker & Taylor, the two biggest book wholesalers in the US. It will also be available for sale on the most popular online bookstores such as and*.

*Channel limitation: Author pen name must not exceed 38 characters.

Please note that:

*The hardcover color format requires a minimum page count of 24 pages.
*Maximum number of pages is 480.
*Resubmission and retech fees may apply if your paperback book is saddle-stitched or if you have any changes on your book’s cover and/or interior.

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