Computer Generated Keyword Indexing - Up to 500 Entries


To maximize the usability of a nonfiction title, readers, book buyers, librarians, and reviewers will expect you to include an index in your book. Having a properly formatted index in your book could potentially be used as a selling point.

  • Book buyers, librarians, researchers, and academics often buy books based on the detail and functionality of the index.
  • Reviewers will recommend a book with a good index and will review badly those books that contain a poorly constructed index or have no index at all.
  • Many librarians will not purchase a book without an index.

Computer-Generated Keyword Index (Concordance)

  • A computer-generated keyword index lists a page number for a key term each time it occurs in the book.

Please note: a concordance-type index has no logical organization other than alphabetization, and only exact word matches can be indexed using the approach.

What You Need to Know

We can generally complete this service in two to three weeks depending on our work queue and the complexity of your work.

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