B&W Illustrations - Personal Touch

$249.00 per Page

You already did the impressive work of writing a book. Now let AuthorHouse help you enhance it with custom black-and-white illustrations. Our talented artists will use your own ideas and creative direction to create unique illustrations that will fit perfectly with your book. The clean lines and uniform shading used in creating Personal Touch illustrations are perfect for a simple, classic look. These black-and-white illustrations can be created in a wide variety of styles and subject matter, from people and landscapes to technical drawings and maps.

Your black-and-white illustrations can be produced in the following styles:

  • Juvenile/Whimsical (a sweet, cute style)
  • Cartoon/Humor (a humorous, funny style)
  • Fantasy (a comic-book or mythical style)
  • Science Fiction (a futuristic or technological style)

Our artists can also create illustrations in a realistic style; however, you'll need to select our Fine Detail illustration service.

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Add a classic look to your book with these custom black-and-white illustrations. The typical timeline for this service is six to 12 weeks depending on our work queue and the complexity of your project.

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