The Three Worldviews

Thriving In the Abundant Freedom of Christ

by Jim Davis



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Language : English
Publication Date : 7/9/2024

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Page Count : 328
ISBN : 9798823025775
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ISBN : 9798823025768
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About the Book

The Three Worldviews Thriving in the Abundant Freedom of Christ If you are a disciple of Jesus Christ, then you are dedicated in your commitment to grow up into the fullness of the stature of our Lord and Savior. On your journey out of darkness and chaos into the light and freedom of the glorious Kingdom of God, you entered the worldview of religion. This was required as a mandatory movement to recognize that you were a sinner, lost in the worldview of darkness. The ongoing challenge for each of us is to keep growing until we are living and thriving in the Kingdom of Christ, and not stalled in the worldview of religion. Sin (Self)>>>Law (Man)>>>Grace by Faith (Christ) As we fulfill our purpose on this earth (visit, we are faced with daily challenges to achieving and maintaining our worldview in the proper perspective for growth. This good endeavor is dedicated to helping you do that by looking at many of the cultural, practical, controversial and theological concepts of our age with an education and focus on the Word of God as the only source of true guidance and strength. Jim Davis is dedicated to helping God’s kids move from work to worship in all areas of life; possibly this will help you!

About the Author

As Founder Owner of Resources Unlimited Group and Chairman of BestPath Foundation, Jim Davis brings over 40 years proven leadership experience in Biblically-based Life Purpose Coaching, Career Counseling, Servant Leadership Development, Executive Management, Property Valuations, Governmental Service, Mentoring, Pro-Life Activism, and Writing. He is strongly supported educationally having earned a Master’s degree in 1979, and concurrent Bachelor’s degrees in 1975 (Psychology & Criminology), graduating with 175 credit hours in eight years on the GI Bill with no student debt and all three degrees Summa Cum Laude. Jim was chosen for Leadership VA in 1987, an intensive year-long executive management and development program (as one of 60 selected from a pool of 45,000) sponsored by the Veterans Administration. Jim earned an unprecedented 10 grade promotions over 12 years with the V.A., which was capped by serving as the Acting Director of the Los Angeles, CA Regional Office in 1988, which was the largest in the V.A. with almost 600 staff involved in delivering 8% of all veterans’ services nationally. Jim also served as Assistant Chief Specially Adapted Housing in Washington, D.C. where he helped guide the adaptation or obtaining of handicapped accessible housing for over 1,500 disabled veterans annually; and was the Chief Appraiser over 450 fee appraisers and 60 compliance inspectors, Chief of Loan Service and Claims over 2,200,000 loans, and GM-15 Loan Guaranty Officer in Los Angeles, where he oversaw up to 200 loan originations daily, up to 800 appraisals daily, the servicing of up to 15,000 defaulted GI loans, and an inventory of up to 4,500 repossessed properties valued at over $677,000,000. This successful management effort of his division resulted in the awarding of the first Superior Performance Award in the history of the Regional Office. Jim has successfully developed, owned, and managed several businesses, including his own consultation firm in Las Vegas, NV generating an annual personal income over $300,000 in 1988. When the Lord sovereignly and abruptly ended that effort in a day in 1989, Jim returned to his home place in Ohio (after 21 years as a prodigal son), but could not find a job for two years although diligently searching! As a direct result of God’s sense of humor and anointed purpose, Jim became a Career Advisor with a career counseling firm in Columbus in 1990, where he received the national “Extra Mile Award” in 1992, two regional “Outstanding Performance Awards” in 1993, and was honored as the “International Career Advisor of the Year” for both 1994 and 1995 (among 200 peers), which was based upon his exceptional performance and client satisfaction rankings. Jim was further blessed in 1995 by being promoted to Corporate Director for Training and Career Services, where he created, implemented, and managed the pilot “100% Quality Satisfaction” program for 10 offices across 5 states. This program successfully provided comprehensive career services, including assisting clients to focus on purpose, and providing counseling support and spiritual guidance for over 1,600 job seekers annually! This people group, those lost in confusion and seeking significance in their lives through their work, broke Jim’s heart even before he came to accept salvation and the Lordship of Jesus Christ over his life on January 29, 1992 in an intersection of Five Points, OH during a fear-death experience. Jim has also exhibited strong personal commitment as a four-year Veteran of the U.S. Air Force (Titan II ICBM nuclear weapons – recognized on a three-man team as the “Top Missile Shooters” in the Air Force in 1970). Additionally, Jim has served as a Private Pilot with 440 logged hours; licensed Residential Real Estate Appraiser in Ohio, Master Tract Appraiser (subdivision appraiser) in Nevada; work and witness Missions Coordinator and participant (250 mission trips since 1996), CBMC and PAGA men’s accountability group leader (since 1994), adult Sunday School Teacher, youth group leader, Upward Referee (for 12 seasons), church head Trustee, President and Chaplain of the Westfall Alumni Association (over 5,500 members), inner-city Ministry Tutor, Life Counselor and Deacon for the Refuge Ministries for seven years, member of the Mission Columbus and Christian Counselors Network, monthly contributing writer for Purpose Magazine for three years, FEMA emergency spiritual care team Faith Counselor; member of the American Association of Christian Counselors and course graduate from their Center for Biblical Counseling (2002); and Pro-Life Truth Truck Driver and Activist for 15 years (1,240 days driving over 150,000 miles in 42 states and 5 Canadian provinces with 32 specific Pro-Life ministries) and recipient of the Sophie Scholl Lifetime Activist Award in 2018. Jim also serves as a Children’s Church Security Guard and has also donated 36+ Gallons of whole blood to the Red Cross saving 870 lives (started in 1965 at 17). Additionally, Jim has authored and published (Christian Faith Publishing, ISBN 978-1-64349-022-9 Paperback & ISBN 978-1-64349-023-6 Digital) the definitive work on work, Being About My Father’s Business (2018), a Pro-Life DVD, the Word for Life (2014), and created the “chess game of cards,” Masters of Intrigue (2016). Jim also authored The Other Twelve Disciples, published by Xulon Press May 2023 (ISBN-13: 978-1-66287-539-7 Paperback) and (ISBN-13: 978-1-66287-540-3 eBook). Jim was honored as an inductee into the Ohio Veterans Hall of Fame in November 2022 from among 87 nominated and 775,000 eligible veterans (in a class of 20) for his extensive Veterans Administration and Global Missions Work. Other notables in the OVHOF (the first in the Nation founded in 1972) are all the Ohio Medal of Honor recipients, astronauts Neil Armstrong and John Glenn, six U.S. President Veterans, actors Clark Gable and Paul Newman, entrepreneurs Dave Thomas and Bob Evans, General George Armstrong Custer, WWI Ace Eddie Rickenbacker, and OSU Coach Woody Hayes for their voluntary service to others after their military service to the nation. Jim is actively involved in the Church of Jesus Christ in all its manifestations, is married to his beautiful and patiently understanding wife Mabel (with her since December 1968 when they met at a New Year’s Eve party); has four sons, twenty-two grandchildren, and eleven greatgrandchildren; and resides at his home in Ohio, the beautifully wild 38-acre Shiloh Place on the family farm (family owned and operated by three generations since 1946). Jim founded Resources Unlimited Group in 1996 and BestPath Foundation in 2005 (renewed in 2018 as an online vehicle for God’s Truth at All of this and more is a direct result of a personal calling Jim received from God February 6, 1992 for this type of service, which has had its strong foundation provided by all of his previous experiences, education, and God’s equipping. Jim has been completely captured by the love of Jesus Christ, and is compelled to positively impact people’s lives with God’s Truth, so that they come out of bondage, aggressively focus on and walk out their life purpose, and are truly free to worship God the Father in Spirit and Truth. Jim has read daily through God’s Word every morning of every year for 27 years because he needs the guidance, the promises, and the hope. Jim and Mabel haven’t used credit or insurance for the same 27 years since 1997. Praise the LORD Jesus Christ through whom all things are possible (Ps 139:13-18, Mt 19:26, Jn 15:5, Rev 4:11). Yes & Amen! Jim Davis