Epoch University

by James Oregon



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 8/9/2023

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 362
ISBN : 9798823012331
Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 362
ISBN : 9798823012324

About the Book

James Denim never thought he would amount to anything: fresh out of high school, zero job prospects, facing homelessness, and cannot afford college. Now imagine a university with free tuition, textbooks, room, and board, for all students across Earth, and other Earths in alternate universes. This Epoch University! Situated in an extinct caldera, this university has no limits to learning, and welcomes all who cannot afford an education, are refugees from regimes, wars, and environmental catastrophes. Here, only those that wish to learn are truly welcome. With the help of James Denim, and many other new students, the university begins its first academic year in jeopardy from mythical creatures, corporate greed from a unscrupulous company, and in danger of destruction by a maniacal, cursed pirate traveling through time, intent on stealing lost treasures. If Epoch University survives, it may well become the hope of future generations of humanity.

About the Author

I used to write comic strips is high school where I studied art, and published them in the school newspaper. When I started attending community college and studied electronics, literature, and art, I continued to develop my comic strip, and published it in two college newspapers. I studied engineering at California Polytechnic University at San Luis Obispo. Some of my courses involved statics, dynamics, thermodynamics, engineering design, computer languages, electron flow theory, engineering economic analysis, and many tech-centered courses. My comic strip became more university-oriented in its content. I in the university newspaper, established a fan base, and published a book of comic strips comprising of all my work to this point. The book was published by the campus bookstore. After college, I began work at NEC electronics in Roseville, California. I published a new comic strip oriented towards “Life in the Fab,” meaning the electronics wafer fabrication line where I worked in a clean room. The company newspaper interviewed me, and published my story about my comic strip. My comic strip writing days came to an end after I became legally blind due to a genetic disease called Leber Hereditary Optic Neuropathy. I was unable to pursue a career in electronics, so I decided to try science. I attended what is now California Polytechnic University Humboldt, and studied Environmental Science with a specialty in Ecological Restoration. Some of my coursework involved grant writing, NEQA and CEQA project evaluation, wetland science, alternative energies, forest management, wetland management, rangeland restoration, and support classes involving climate change. During this time, I considered the possibility of transforming my comic strip into a novel. So, began creating a storyline involving the characters from my comic strip. They strive to build a university with free tuition, and textbooks in an effort to solve not only world problems, but the problems of other Earths in alternate universes. The university does not cater to the rich. Rather, it is a refuge for all students whom are homeless, war refugees, climate refugees, and anyone else whom wishes to learn, and contribute to knowledge. In writing this book, I have brought my comic strip back to life, and fulfilled a dream I have had of being a published author despite by disability, to bring my comic strip back to life, and to contribute the world literature. The book touches many subjects in science, technology, legends, myths, and humor. It delves into adventure, fantasy, science fiction, and comedy. I wrote this book like I wrote my comic strip: to get the reader to laugh, and have fun with the story. And, maybe inspire others with disabilities to tell stories like I have done.