Herbal First Aid

Basic First Aid Techniques Using Spices, Foods and Plants

by Jessie L. Emerson RN



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Language : English
Publication Date : 5/19/2024

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 166
ISBN : 9798823025706
Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 166
ISBN : 9798823025690

About the Book

Herbal First Aid is Jessie’s personal collection of safe and simple remedies based on what can be found in the kitchen, most herb stores and pharmacies, the garden, and the backyard. Besides conditions and remedies, there are pages of lists and information to guide you. She lists both basic kitchen items and the essentials of a first aid kit. The instructions are clear, concise, and practical. In the recipe section you can learn to make “Rehydration” an electrolyte replacement, an isotonic eye wash, a non-toxic insect repellent and green cleaning products. This little booklet can save lives and prevent suffering. One can tell she is a nurse by how many times she writes, “Wash your hands.” She combines western technological medicine and western herbal traditions for a holistic approach to the treatment of emergencies and minor illnesses. “Thanks to her decades of experience as a registered nurse and herbal education, Jessie has compiled a terrific first aid resource that will benefit any householder; urban, suburban, or rural. Why fumble around on the internet looking for trustworthy information, when a quick look at the Herbal first Aid book will give you sensible, detailed, and easy to follow directions. Feel confident in addressing first aid situations with this book as your guide.” -Donna Chesner, MSc Plant Sciences, Herbalist “Both modern and old time, an instructional read that is fun and informative with personal anecdotes.” -Jesse Summers, DOM, Acupuncture Physician “Did you know: Apple cider vinegar can be used in a compress-soaked sliced potatoes in apple cider vinegar, placed them on a bandanna, and wrap it around your head to soothe migraines. (Northern New Mexico folk remedy) If you get a tick bite, watch the spot for a red bullseye splotch for 32 days to monitor for Lyme disease. For constipation, stew rhubarb and apple cider. If there is a wound with a protruding body part, don’t attempt to replace it back into the body, but cover loosely with a moist saline dressing and call 911. There’s a lot of useful medical facts you will learn if you have this manual.” –Jody Benson, Technical editor, Sierra Club member and volunteer

About the Author

Jessie Emerson has been a practicing registered nurse since 1965. In the 1970’s she began to study holistic medicine. She graduated in 1989 from Michael Moore’s Southwest School of Botanical Medicine and has studied with Native American herbalists, including Rolling Thunder and Navajo herbalist Sam Tso and Northern New Mexico Hispanic herbalists. She is the founder and owner of Oso Herbals. Oso Herbals and Jessie are dedicated to the respectful and correct use of the plant kingdom. OSO is the Spanish word for bear. “The bear came into my dreams and the bear and bear claw became the logo of my company and symbol of my medicine. The focus of Oso Herbals and Jessie is health, culture, the natural environment, and sustainability. She has taken her first book Medicine From The Kitchen further to include plants that can easily be found in stores, the garden or in the backyard. Her goal for writing Herbal First Aid is to empower people with knowledge that can prevent incidents, accidents, and injury and can help people remain calm during crises. She says, “It is my belief that we must know what to do when there is no doctor or what to do until medical help is available”. Jessie lives in a small town on the edge of the desert in New Mexico. She offers consultations, native medicinal plant tours, classes in medicine from the wild, and workshops in first aid using herbs, spices, and foods. Contact Jessie at osoherbalsjessie@gmail.com