Liber Suscipit

CARPE LIBRUM : book three

by P.A. Thaddeus



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 2/16/2022

Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 474
ISBN : 9781665551106
Format : Hardcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 474
ISBN : 9781665551083
Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 474
ISBN : 9781665551090

About the Book

It’s still 1998 in Cape Cove, Indiana: in fact, it’s only been a week since the events that ended “In Libro Vitae” have transpired. Salome, now more accepted into the fold of The Crew since her individual exploits brought fortune and solidarity within the ranks of the group she had first began to thwart and then promptly joined, now meets an old member of The Crew recently reunited with his former colleagues in the pursuit of mischief. ‘Benny Jets’ has now returned less than triumphantly to Cape Cove after three years away and offers Toby a new chance at a life in the process, one Toby would never have had on his own. Newcomer Lara Kinkos becomes even more of a prominent figure as well in the dealings of The Crew as she and her bike interject themselves into their lives through JimJim, now calling himself ‘JJ’. With all eyes of The Cape Cove Crew ‘version two’ currently watching Deputy Jason Sutcliff, and with Private Investigator Travis P. Suitelief and student reporter Joanna Ching back in the loop once again, and amateur ‘Ghost Hunter’ Seth Ravenspire helping them out, the mystery builds surrounding the researched and finally discovered history of their hometown, Capstone Coven, and what will be found there at its uncovered beginnings… When Salome suddenly disappears and the Liber Malificous is stolen out from under the noses of The Crew while they are pursuing multiple agendas in teams, the fate of Cape Cove is left to the winds of opportunity and change. The new Crew must band together, yet again, as they always do to face adversity, and continue to fight the dark shadows that threaten their hometown or lose it forever to the threats that seep out continuously. Return a third time to the small unassuming town of Cape Cove and seek the answers to the mystery still uncovered in the days that GOOGLE was first founded and the only thing of worth on television once the last episode of ‘Seinfeld’ was aired was the Clinton/Lewinsky scandal.

About the Author

Born at West Point Military Academy, P. A. Thaddeus spent most of his life living in the Detroit suburbs. He eventually fell in love with cooking and spent over twenty-five years doing just that, eventually becoming a kitchen manager. He currently lives in Ferndale, Michigan, amidst his own private jungle with his Norwegian Forest cat, Bojangles.