by Gutu Kia Zimi PhD



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Language : English
Publication Date : 1/10/2021

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 352
ISBN : 9781665512633

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The study allowed us to understand that the urban vegetation of Kinshasa has been declining over the years, especially in the neighborhoods of the old municipalities and a slow progression in the new neighborhoods of the peripheral municipalities. This general downward trend should bring us awareness so that we can maintain and protect the existing urban vegetation. This downward trend can be explained by the fact that the area occupied by the constructions in the plots becomes larger and larger, that is to say that over the years, the old constructions from the beginning during the the acquisition of the plots disappear in favor of new larger and more comfortable constructions in the plots. Moreover, at the beginning of the birth of the district, the owners are mainly interested in planting the trees in the plot, but as the district ages, the urban vegetation becomes dense and the interest of planting other trees are no longer justified. It is also a regrettable fact to note that no tree has been detected in the streets of African neighborhoods and this because of the narrowness of the streets or a simple omission of the town planner, who has not made the relevant arrangements during the development of these districts. Planting a fruit tree in your plot is a profitable initiative as the fruits are an important source of nutrients. In this case, the fruit tree not only provides fruit but also provides shade and also improves the living environment in the plot.

About the Author

THE AUTHOR Gutu Kia Zimi, PhD Professor Doctorate (PhD) in sciences and techniques of development (Economic development) M.A in Economic & Development in Environmental Management Special Diploma (B.A) in Economic and Development Bachelor (B.A) in Personnel Management and Work Organization Graduate (A.A) in Business Administration Diploma in Police and Security Sciences Diploma drug and alcohol counseling Graduate Certificate intelligence studies Certificate Leadership