Pre-Pandemic Kaua`i Chronicles

by Dawn Fraser Kawahara



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 7/1/2021

Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 426
ISBN : 9781665525893
Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 426
ISBN : 9781665525909

About the Book

This book comes as your ticket to a virtual vacation, inviting you to dive into the heart of the tropical island of Kaua`i, Hawai`i, U.S.A. Please come, especially if you are a “capital ‘T’ Traveler” who digs deeper than surface pleasures of a new place, connects with people of the land, and celebrates differences as well as similarities. You may explore from front to back, vice-versa, or spot-read whatever pages fall open to your touch. All will be right. By accepting the author’s invitation, you’re assured of eventual enjoyment of thought-provoking segments categorized as “Outdoor Discoveries,” “Island Celebrations,” “Eyes to Sky, & Sea,” “Umbilical Ties” and more, including a drink from “The Water of Life.” Kaua`i island could be considered your adventure to “Anyplace, World.” Aside from particularities of discoverers and settlement, the foundational needs and desires of all peoples of the world hold true: A homeland–a place of freedom and peace; a place to work and sustain a healthy life, to play and recreate; a safe place to raise and educate children; a place to protect, preserve, love and pass forward to coming generations. The time span covered draws from the onset of swift modern development and increased tourism that threatens a cherished lifestyle to the threshold of COVID-19. The Afterword deals with the isolation the life-threatening pandemic imposes, and the economic and emotional challenges that stem from an isolation severely underlined when an island home already lies as a far speck within the wide Pacific Ocean. The guiding mantra throughout–”Believe in the Unexpected!”–from the author’s “Green Flash” experience shared with her “Dear Readers,” holds truer than true as we move with hope and courage into our globally-connected future.

About the Author

Dawn Fraser Kawahara during her years leading and instructing travelers to Hawai`i and island nations of the Pacific Rim, developed a pleasant, chatty way of imparting good and thoughtful information, definitely not “canned” tourist talks. These proved successful, and she continued that style while writing for and to her “Dear Readers” during her six years of bi-weekly “Green Flash” columns for The Garden Island, the newspaper of the island of Kaua`i. Any reader of her newly-collected “Green Flash” Calabash of columns is bound to be enriched by the author’s “talkstory” charm and subtle teaching style, her unique viewpoints. Kawahara’s informal essays were planned to be “think pieces” of people, places and events related to “her” beloved island of Kaua`i. Just so, they echo the love of travel and discovery set forth by such as Isabella Bird and Mark Twain in their sojourns in “The Sandwich Islands,” and a hint of reaching for a Utopian idyll a la Huxley’s landmark novel, Island. A love of green and growing things and nature such as expressed by May Sarton sounds an echo in these writings, as well as a whiff of Don Blanding’s romantic poems. The sometimes subtly humorous package is grounded and tidied up by the author’s practiced journalism and feature writing, with attention paid to the “Who, What, When, Where & How” rule to level interesting, unexpected leaps into memory and imagination. As all Kawahara’s readers find, a great deal of heart and vivid description comes through, as in the author’s compelling life stories: Jackals’ Wedding, A Memoir of a Childhood in British India; its sequel, Burma Banyan, A Daughter’s Odyssey; and her volume of modern chants and cultural information, “Behold Kaua`i ~ Modern Days, Ancient Ways,” all under the AuthorHouse/TropicBird Press imprint; Kawahara enjoyed her past assignment as Poet-in-the-Schools (Kaua`i). She currently hosts and guides the monthly meetings of the Kaua`i Live Poets’ Society, a follow-up to the Garden Island Arts’ Council “Poetry Fests” she created and curated. The author has focused her supportive interests within the Kaua`i community since the early 1980s. She has contributed as a long-term board director of the Hawaiian culture organization Ka `Imi Na`auao o Hawai`i Nei Institute and now serves as president. She was honored as an “Outstanding Older American–2019” by the Mayor and Council of the County of Kaua`i and the Governor and State Legislature of Hawai`i. She and her husband, a retired biology teacher, are blessed with six grown children and five grandchildren. They share a passion for books and travel. Kawahara’s books are available through Amazon and other outlets. You may write to her via the contact page of her “booklovers’ website,”, or email