Raped in the Church

by Mohadeebah



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Language : English
Publication Date : 11/11/2019

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 78
ISBN : 9781728335001
Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 78
ISBN : 9781728334998

About the Book

This book is not intended for everyone to read or for everyone to like; it is for the millions of people who have been unjustly raped in the church, without any type of human justice or foreseeable biblical justice. This book is for those who have been hurt or abused in the natural, psychological, mental, physical, and the spiritual realm. If you are a new convert, do not read this book, because some things may shock you or even shake your faith in your local lay members or clergy, who do not deserve any unjust criticism. Some stories may seem unreal but they are based on real life events of everyday people who you see or are seen in the sanctuary worshiping God never knowing what they are going through or why they leave the church today, some even convert to other religions. As a result of hurt and frustration many never return to the organized church and prefer a relationship with God through television evangelist. I am not targeting Christianity but most of the stories and events are from people who are or once was a Christian, I must say in all fairness I must say that I‘m a Christian and this book is written from a Christian point of view. It’s written to heal as well as inform that not everyone in the church is of the church, meaning the kingdom of God. To the clergy and lay members please remember this the Lord said (woe unto the Shepherd that scatter MY Sheep), he said that we are the sheep of his pasture. Many people in leadership today seem to forget that very important fact, that we are not theirs to command and bid as they see fit. If you choose to read this book, you will always have an awareness of what is going on with those who have been spiritually raped. Some people may not believe you when you tell them what you have read and what you learned which is fine. Remember they did not believe Jesus either. Finally as one pastor once said to me many years ago (that education stuff isn’t going to get you anywhere), he/she didn’t know that the bible has been translated by some of the best scholars of our time, and our theology has had may contributors throughout history. From the Quakers, Shakers, Lutheran, Catholic, Jews, and even Mormons. The lord said that knowledge would steadily increase, and if a man lacks knowledge or wisdom let him ask God who gives limberly and upbraids not.

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