Blue Collar Folks

by Todd Daley



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 5/14/2019

Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 322
ISBN : 9781728310015
Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 322
ISBN : 9781728310022

About the Book

Tom Haley, a science teacher, is doing research on the effects of nutrition on maze-learning ability in white rats. He compares the maze-learning ability of malnourished rats with their well-fed peers. While working on his rat project, Tom visits his girlfriend, Joanie, who suffers from chronic headaches. In desperation, he visits the site of his deceased friend, Amon, and begs for his help. When alive, the charismatic young man had extraordinary powers of healing, clairvoyance, and compassion. Soon Joanie is home again, happy and healthy. To earn extra money during his sabbatical leave, Tom works as a Bradford guard at the pollution-spewing Con Ed power plant, guarding the rude tycoon Darren Troop. He also does odd jobs painting and repairing dilapidated houses with Harry the Horse and his close-knit group of blue-collar workers. In between these jobs, Curtis principal Lou Stout calls on him to fill in for absent teachers, covering classes on the presidents, unions, democracy, photosynthesis, nutrition, motion, energy, the elements, and even philosophy. While doing manual labor, Tom meets interesting characters like Billy and his invisible companion and Rosa, who epitomizes the everyday people who keep this country running. Most importantly, he masters the rhythm of work in which time works for you in the course of doing a difficult job.

About the Author

The author has taught science and mathematics for many years on the high school and college levels. His approach to teaching is to make abstract principles concrete by connecting them to real life experiences. The students ought to come away with facts and ideas, the ability to solve problems, and make ethical decisions. This book is about the workaday experiences of a teach- er doing manual labor repairing old houses with a close knit group of blue collar folks. It is the fourth book of the Tom Haley quartet: 1950s-1960s Fable, 1960s-1970s Fable, The Mariners Mariners Harbor Messiah, and Blue Collar Folks.