He Is … Therefore, I Am

by Sharanya Dinesh



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Language : English
Publication Date : 2/17/2019

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8.5x11
Page Count : 50
ISBN : 9781728384320
Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 50
ISBN : 9781728384313

About the Book

Every individual is hungry for recognition. It is a very intrinsic human need and a perfectly natural one. One is either recognised by the company he/she keeps or for the person he /she is (personality, deeds, wealth, etc). If one only aspires to be a role model; and believe me, becoming a role model is not that difficult; the core ingredients one requires to possess are honesty, commitment, dedication, the courage to accept one’s faults and of course the willingness to change. I always cherished a dream to befriend Amir Khan (the face kept changing! Amir Khan is my last favourite person I can recall), so that I could share the limelight with him and bask in his glory. Little adid I realize that even if I stood next to him all my life, people would know him only, see only him and recognize Amir Khan alone, I would remain who I was; just a stranger , shamelessly grabbing his share of sunshine and getting a two minute fame. So, when my dear friend and editor asked me to write a captivating synopsis I was again left to wonder as to what extraordinary could an ordinary person like me conjure! I am the very oblivious girl next door, leading an ordinary middle class life very akin to all of us. Why would anyone wish to read this book, not once but again and again (this is my dream too! For an ordinary, average person I have always dreamt of the extraordinary! )? This is not even a fiction thriller, this is a spiritual journey; about which greatest of seers have already elucidated at great lengths and yet it remains ever so elusive and unattainable! What new do I have to offer to the reader? I myself have read many spiritual books, I have tried many spiritual paths too, but change and the feeling of ‘homecoming’ remained elusive till I did not reach the doorstep of this wondrous Path. My average – ordinary self could never aspire to be like those famous people and spiritual preachers I continue to read about. But this path made me feel one with my spiritual Guru and with time I am confident that I can very much become like Him, be one with Him! This Path taught me and gently peeled the layers, revealing a new self in me. This path is continuously inspiring me to change, know myself better and helping me become “extraordinary”. Every single word in this book is true and from my very personal experience. This is my journey from living a non-existent, goal-less and self-deprecating life to morphing into being alive, self-actualising and an extraordinary person! If I can achieve and change then every other average person, leading an insipid aimless life can change too. This path has not only explained the meaning of this verse to me, it has made me realize and self-actualize this verse into my life.

About the Author

Sharanya Dinesh, a behavioral counselor and psychotherapist, is a skilled listener. She believes that that self-realization is the birthright of every individual. She currently lives in Dublin, Ireland.