Stuck Between Two Different Worlds

by E.L Discipline



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 6/25/2018

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 342
ISBN : 9781546247555
Format : Hardcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 342
ISBN : 9781546247562
Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 342
ISBN : 9781546247548

About the Book

We have all come from a woman. We have all been nourished, carried and molded from/by a woman, and because of a woman. However, a male’s seed is the jumpstart to the circle of life. Strong men simply need women. A strong man needs a woman or women, who is or whom are truly his. At his feet. Being his backbone. Anything less is not a fulfillment to him. Weak men will never understand this. Weak women will never be able to grasp this concept. Monogamous... were we really created to be monogamous? Most men are afraid to even ask their lady for a threesome, knowing damn well, they would love to experience one. How do you know she doesn’t want to experience the same? What keeps you from articulating this to your significant other? It is because of judgment, resentment, perhaps both? Are we really suppose to be monogamous? Society programs us where we are almost required to get married. Seventy percent of women do not love their husbands, they just have a desire to be married. It’s like they are in love with marriage itself. They love ‘love.’ Fifty percent of men, just love the ‘chase,’ the ‘conquer.’ What is society really making us believe? You will find your soulmate, truly love one woman or man forever? Yet again, no matter the gender, people cheat, they flirt (that's still cheating by the way), with their eyes. They flirt with their mouth. Their thoughts. Hearts. Emotions. They dream of others and think of others while engaging in sex with their partner. Who comes up with these rules? The rules of ‘how it’s suppose to be?’ Is it society? Religions? Rulers of the free world? If one person is made for all of us, why are marriages failing, why are relationships not lasting as long as expected? She is unhappy. She feels she is not desired, appreciated, or loved enough. He desires more. She is limited. She cannot provide. She is not supportive enough. He could be wealthy, but he cannot provide that emotional connection. He might not be wealthy, but he can provide that mind blowing sex. He doesn’t have money or mind blowing sex, but he can provide that mental or emotional connection. I'm just speaking hypothetically. We are all programmed growing up watching Disney’s animated movies like ‘Cinderella.’ Girls are like, "when I grow up, I want that! Relationship and marriage goals!" What can I say, most women, not all, but most are followers. The men do minimum to get their attention. And women do minimum to none to keep men’s attention. Some men are pussy whipped. Some women are just clueless on what real men want. They alter their bodies, and their personalities to attract men. Looking for "the one", and men alter their character to get them. Everyone is living a lie, to obtain something so real. Now, what is really polygamy? Polyamorous? Perhaps it's not a fetish? Perhaps it's not cheating? Do you believe a man can love or have a strong deep connection with more than one woman? Do you believe a woman can have two soulmates? Are people nowadays falling out of love with their partners and falling more in love with what their partners provide or are willing to provide?

About the Author

E. L Discipline was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. His parents are Haitian and Dominican. Now, just like any other Caribbean household, it was rough. E. L Discipline was born on the 7th of November, a Scorpio, he dived into many different ventures. First was participating in sports; boxing, wrestling, football, track and field. E. L Discipline had an immense amount of ambition as a young teen. At fifteen years old, while his friends and classmates worried about getting new clothes each week or the newest pair of Jordan’s sneakers, he was striving to obtain his own vehicle. Mr. E. L Discipline has plenty of apathy for those mundane things. Have you ever had shoes with no shoe string? He was given one decent pair of shoes and a few outfits for the year. Then after a year or two, he upgraded and now had two pairs of sneakers; one for everyday and one for gym class. E. L Discipline, hustled however he could to get capital. He had one goal at fifteen, “get a car!” Of course a license was required before he could get one. This is a man who has tunnel vision when he wants something. If he sees it, and he wants it, then it is already his. Some children are privileged, but opportunity is just about luck and preparation. Opportunity, is the antidote for the unfortunate. E. L Discipline dived into the modeling world, dominating that as well. He was published in countless tattoo magazines and featured in regular magazines, whether it was digital or/and print, as well. However, he never viewed modeling as something he would be investing in forever. He thought of it more as a stepping stone. His many talents drove him to do some television, radio shows, interviews, music videos and now books! He is a unique author of many genres of books. E. L Discipline’s accomplishments are not one thing, because, he is not one thing. A college graduate coming from the streets of brooklyn, he has never settled for ‘okay.’ He has never been satisfied with mediocrity. E. L Discipline has this insatiable appetite for ‘more!’ If he wanted something, he got it. If he could not obtain it right away, he worked very hard to obtain it. He is changing the world, breaking barriers and breaking through glass ceilings with an iron fist, one reader at a time. When was the last time a book consumed you? Compelled you to neglect other books? Prevented you from going to sleep because you needed to finish that one chapter before going to bed? This is what his books do to you. He is a collector of many things; music, tattoos, thoughts, actions, memories, energies, souls and minds. But, no one would ever expect him to be a book collector or a multi-published Author. Why? This perception is because of his appearance. He views writers as individuals some of whom are extremely intelligent. They have unnatural preferences and values. Patience. Innovative. Creative. Powerful. Magical. Passionate. Artists. Creativity comes from within. If you believe in a divine higher power, God perhaps. Creativity is a god given talent. Athletes are creative. Singers are creative. Parents who raise children are creative. A man running a business is creative. A sculptor is creative. A motivational speaker is creative. A sports analyst is creative. A hustler is creative. A musician is creative. Readers are creative. There are all types of creativity. No matter what your gift is, or what your gifts are, you know you have it when others see, read, hear, or feel your art in their soul, body and their mind. Twitter: @mrdiscipline_07 Instagram: @e.ldiscipline, @fitnesseducation07)