A Petty Trader Driven By Purpose: A Biography of Mofopefoluwa Joseph, FRM

by Mofopefoluwa Joseph FRM



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 3/29/2019

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 216
ISBN : 9781728386140
Format : Hardcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 216
ISBN : 9781728386133
Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 216
ISBN : 9781728386195

About the Book

A Petty Trader Driven by Purpose: A biography of Mofopefoluwa Joseph, FRM, narrates an inspiring life of a focused and spirit-filled business man that built his petty trading from nothing to what now becomes a formidable business entity. The book encapsulates Mofopefoluwa’s humble beginning as a man that surrenders his life to the commandment and direction of God, even before he became a Christian. The biography narrates how Mofopefoluwa listens to the voice of God concerning his education, marriage, conversion, total change of name, and line of business he engaged in. The narration in the book, that of Mofopefoluwa’s six decades on earth, should inspire not only the younger generations but also the older ones because it gives a vivid account of how God himself used Mofopefoluwa’s life to add values to the lives of numerous human beings through his philanthropic service to humanity. The book will surely encourage prospective business-minded individuals who are desirous of building a career from trading to forge ahead with divine focus while they have little or no working capital because Mofopefoluwa’s petty trading that metamorphoses to a multimillion business spanning selling of weighing scales and virtual stamps to real estate commenced without a working capital. Hence, there are many prospective millionaire petty traders out there that Mofepefoluwa’s purpose-driven life will inspire to fulfill their destinies.

About the Author


Mofopefoluwa Joseph as a born builder is uniquely gifted with creativity, imagination, artistic talents, versatility, good nature and the ability to inspire others for a purpose. He is an optimistic hard worker, enthusiastic, light-hearted and availably ready to help others see joy in any situation. He is practical, stable, reliably dependable and always determined as he steadily influences people around him for a purpose.

Mofopefoluwa Joseph is a selfless humanitarian deeply concerned about the state of Nigeria and Nigerians especially in education sector and infrastructures as it affects the small scale businessmen. He is an idealist, a dreamer and believes in collective approach to solving problems or/and to achieving a goal. He is always acting for the benefit of others and looking for solutions from the inspirational, intuitive and creative worlds. He has desire to contribute to those in need. He has faith in himself, in his ideas and his initiatives. He holds his head high and perseveres. He has sense of beauty, love of life, simplicity, intelligence, grounded, ambitious, tenacious, loyal, energetic, warm hearted and fortunate.

He is a peace lover, bold and courageous leader, though seems to be controversial in outlook, compassionate and considerate, always desiring to achieve balance between giving and receiving, sympathetic and caring, always looking for opportunity to make life more comfortable, easy and luxurious for others.

He is an incorruptible and versatile businessman, an economist of repute, a resource manager of note, an outstanding community development partner, a man of agreement, a dependable friend, a family man, a faithful Christian, a dogged fighter for human right, genuine and sincere believer in rule of law, equity and justice, transparency and accountability, progenitor of standardization, accurate and reliable weights & measures in Nigeria, fair and honest in relationships, courageous and indefatigable strategist, selfless servant leader per excellence, philanthropist and lover of those who are rich in the Lord.

He has the grace of God upon his life to rise from nothing to become somebody in the midst of daunting challenges and oppositions locally, nationally, and internationally.

As a petty trader, he has been able to do what many mighty have not done to the glory of God. The Christ in his life makes the difference. His success in life is uncommon.