The Men & Women of Brown Hall & Estates at What is today -13072, NY

The Chronological Order of WHY & WHAT Makes Brown Hall & Estates-Historic.

by Resurreccion Dimaculangan



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Language : English
Publication Date : 9/10/2019

Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 320
ISBN : 9781728325316
Format : Hardcover
Dimensions : 8.5x11
Page Count : 320
ISBN : 9781728325330
Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8.5x11
Page Count : 320
ISBN : 9781728325323

About the Book

This Children’s version is intended to inspire the Youth to pick a new understanding, if not a renewed interest to learn a new language- and such that a portion of this book is delegated to the original tongue that was the birth language of the author & current owner of BrownHall, & Estates, NY 13072. The other; to discern from what is there/ not there & read what’s in between. Such is the language of History, Historic Preservation. It needs analytical minds that would not be swayed by the forces of popular emotions, but of verifiable facts. The Story started at the time when the newest Technology was about pictures, depicted in photographic art, science and the business of that Industry. Unfortunately, as part of the challenges that besieged this Structure- by all accounts Magnificent & loved, even “lusted” [their word, not mine] to be owned by every other person around here: there is not one real daguerrotype that can be shared here of the people that played major roles in the story of this Site. Thus, in gouaches decoupes- the art of paper cutting Henri Matisse was credited for, this 154 -year-after-the- act story is ventured with the task to depict the likenesses of the men & women of Brown Hall & Estates, based on animated period clothing styles, as influenced artistically by admired artists & artisans of the craft. This book hopes to model to the young and old, the notion- that anyone and anything can be as important as one wants to. Even a discarded piece of paper can tell the story as Universally significant as this one is!

About the Author

Resurreccion Dimaculangan is one of those “story tellers” that stands to the fact that Stories be told according to the veracity of the facts, regardless of whether the narrative is positive or not, kindly. The point of retracing steps is to learn from the mistakes of the past and face squarely the lessons that can be learned from those circumstances. She expects that the morsels of wisdom gleaned from these experiences can be prescribed for applications to any present similar situations or parallels, which in turn, can have the positive effects of avoiding the same pitfalls -if not totally eradicate them. To these notions, the precepts of this story were subscribed upon by the author, in the hopes that the developing neural can have a glimpse of the intricate interwoven challenges that besieged this magnificent structure, and the lands that rightfully belong to it. To every Youth in every land across the oceans, the author tried to showcase the underlying issues that were almost always missed out, denied recognition & woven NOT to be landmarked. This Historic Travesty was unraveled by the author in a manner rendered too irreverent by the populous; but with the faith that belies the Youth- can be understood in the most positive way, if given the chance to be discussed freely. Truly intended to be a self-sustaining structure; not begging for funds to improve, be maintained and be developed- yet, as of this writing- and by all accounts and actions documented, the Site have been impoverished to its core, due to the very actions of sworn pronounced love and appreciation to this place: meaning just exactly as the “Giving Tree” story is about. Yes, the present situation of gutted-ness is the attestation of that undying love acted upon in very twisted ways! In short, this is the living, literal personification of the “farmer & the golden goose “ story! The author is hoping against hope that the Youth of today & the generations that would come after would comprehend, and thus act, as positively expected- to do the right thing.