Pain, Prayer and Purpose!

Seeking a Breakthrough

by Lakisha Jenkins



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 7/10/2018

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 74
ISBN : 9781546244110
Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 74
ISBN : 9781546244103

About the Book

I hope my book has been a blessing upon your life. My overall goal has always been to influence change through sharing my life experiences. I pray something I said has touched you and caused some type of difference in your life. Always remember to Pray, Ask, and Seek GOD no matter what life brings your way. In his timing he will reveal your designed PURPOSE. Always strive for better. You deserve better. And you can achieve better if you allow GOD to direct your path. A special thanks to everyone who have ever poured in to my life. For anyone who took the time to direct and guide me in any area of any life. I’m extremely grateful for everyone’s support through the most devasting moment of my life with my youngest son death. That was truly a test of my faith. Today I’m blessed to say I did what I thought I could not do but only with GOD’s help. My life, my story and my testimony is all a true life MIRACLE! And the beginning of a life changing moment for me.

About the Author

Lakisha Jenkins was raised in South Carolina until the age of 14. She then moved to Maryland. Lakisha is the oldest of three siblings. Lakisha has three children. Nathaniel who is 21 years old, Keyshaun who passed away at the age of 14 in 2015 and D’ Andre 1 years old. Every day she strives to be a good role model for her family. Lakisha has faced many difficult challenges in life and did not let them consume her. She has endured many storms from being a single mom, dealing with a behavior challenged son (ODD/ADHD), a series of bad relationships and insecurities. Lakisha’s turnaround started when she started to feel abandoned and rejected by men. From that point on she began to want more out of life. Overtime her challenges made her stronger. She has gained a passion to help other women through her own struggles. With GOD’s help she has managed to survive them all. Certain moments has definitely made her a stronger person. Losing her grandfather in 1997 was one of them. In which her self-esteem issues began to increase. About three months later the passing of her father occurred. In February of 2009 Lakisha lost her husband just a 7months after becoming married. They had a friendship of over 11years prior to marriage. In October of 2015 she lost her 14yr old son who was assaulted and killed by a man she was dating. This was the hardest grief process she ever had to face. Lakisha survived this lost by forming a better spiritual life. This was an experience that completely destroyed her. Her life has transformed in so many ways. Starting over was extremely difficult for her. Lakisha knows the changes grief takes you through. She has had to push herself even when she didn’t understand where she would end up. Increasing her faith is a part of her remaining strong. She has now recognized her level of strength and continues to strive to succeed further in life. Lakisha shares her journey of life in her book “PAIN, PRAYER, AND PURPOSE. A book she hopes to encourage women of all ages. Believing and trusting GOD for brighter moments. While continuing to grieve through her son’s death Lakisha formed a Self-Love Ministry in 2016. In January of 2018 she formed a Women’s Group (SISTERS UNITED ON PURPOSE) geared to strengthen and empower women dealing with self- challenging circumstances. In April of 2018 Lakisha became a Certified Life Coach. Having now gone through several trying times she hopes to encourage other women to step out of their comfort zone and strive pass any current stronghold they may be facing. Lakisha finds balance in life through her passion of encouraging others. It is also a sense of self therapy as well. She enjoys sharing her story and is indeed an example of a TESTIMONY.