Kafka Unleashed

Stories, Dreams & Visions

by Phillip Lundberg



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 3/5/2018

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 430
ISBN : 9781546225942
Format : Hardcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 430
ISBN : 9781546225928

About the Book

Kafka Unleashed may be viewed as an expanded third edition of Essential Kafka as it contains fourteen stories and four novel excerpts rather than nine and three; however, it is a great deal more than that (just an expansion in content). There is also a refinement in focus in that the translator’s role as interpreter has likewise undergone a certain metamorphosis. Thus, Kafka’s hidden romantic side that has its roots in Goethe and Plato is brought into focus, as is Kafka’s esoteric Christianity that becomes apparent, particularly in the chapter “Josef K.!” which contains the great legend/parable: Before the Law. Translations of Walter Sokel’s Franz Kafka—Tragik und Ironie, as well as three meditations by Rudolf Steiner and numerous footnotes to Plato, these combine to illuminate Kafka’s genius like no other Kafka book.

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If you are serious in your interest in Franz Kafka, here is the translation that delivers, the result of decades of study of, as Socrates says: “the most important things.”

About the Author

Mr. Lundberg's interest in Kafka began more than 50 years ago--during his "Freshman Year Abroad" in Freiburg, W. Germany. Kafka seemed to offer much more than Heidigger or Kant although one didn't quite know why. Since completing a master's in Philosophy at the New School, Mr. Lundberg worked with computers and raised a family and he's now in his sunset years and enjoys spending time with his four grandchildren. His interest in, as Plato says--"the most important things" has remained and this explains his 3 publications, the first being a translation of Friedrich Schleiermacher's Plato translation and now a newly expanded translation of Kafka, indeed Essential Kafka being primarily Kafka and this new book, Kafka Unleashed, not only expands this work with Kafka, rather too by focusing on the great parable: Before The Law, and bringing in highly relevant text by Walter Sokel and Rudolf Steiner, this places Kafka squarely in the Romantic school and also serves as a dire warning to our contemporary mode of consciousness, that our fixation on the material realm and severe lack in ethical understanding does not bode well for humanity's long-term well-being. Mr. Lundberg stands ready to work with those who feel drawn toward Kafka's hidden side, that the deeper truths regarding man and the world may bring some resolution to the problems that are apparent in our modern world.