Condense Wisdom and Conquer Cancer for the Benefit of Mankind

How to conquer cancer? how to prevent cancer?

by Xu Ze; Xu Jie; Bin Wu



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Language : English
Publication Date : 12/13/2017

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8.25x11
Page Count : 506
ISBN : 9781546218326
Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 506
ISBN : 9781546218333

About the Book

This book is to help with conquering cancer and with launching a total attack and with building the scientific city of conquering cancer. The overall design and the planning and the blueprint of XZ-C’s plans of conquering cancer are the scientific thinking and the theoretical innovation, and the experimental basis of conquering cancer are the reform and development of the overall strategy of cancer treatment. It is the crystallization of my sixty years of experience in medical work and thirty years of the scientific research results and achievement and the scientific and technological innovation and the scientific thinking and the scientific research wisdom. The direction of the research is to conquer cancer. It is proposed that to set up a test area in Wuhan City, Huang Jiahu University City, the implementation of this research program will be done by my research team of experts, professors, and so on. The scientific research plan of conquering cancer is put the focus on scientific research in the international front, and it is the forefront of science. In January 12, 2016, the US president Barack Obama, in the State of the Union, addressed the national cancer program “to conquer cancer” and named the new moon plan (Cancer Moonshot). The vice president, Joe Biden, was responsible for the implementation. Its specific plan is unknown. Cancer is a disaster of the mankind. We struggle with cancer all over the world, and people of the world struggle together and gather wisdom and move forward together to overcome cancer. Cancer disaster is covered by the world. The people worldwide are eager to overcome the cancer one day. It is the urgent hope that the states and the governments and the experts and the scholars and the scientists can find anticancer measures to keep people from cancer.

About the Author

Xu Ze, male, was born in Leping County, Jiangxi Province, on October 1933. He graduated from Tongji Medical University in 1956 and successively held the posts of director of department of surgery of Affiliated Hospital of Hubei College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, professor, chief physician, tutor of postgraduate and doctoral students, president of Experimental Surgery Restitute Institute of Hubei College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, director of Abdominal Tumor Surgery Research Room, and Director of Anti-Carcinomatous Metastasis and Reoccurrence Research Room. In addition, he held concurrent posts of standing director of China Medical Association Wuhan Branch, vice president of Wuhan Micro-Circulation Academy, academic member of International Liver Disease Research, Cooperation and Exchange Center, member of International Surgeon Union, standing member of first, second, third, and fourth editorial board of China Experimental Surgery Journal, standing member of first, second, and third editorial board of Abdominal Surgery Journal. He is enjoying Special Allowance of State Council. He has been engaged in surgery work for forty-nine years and accumulated rich experience in radical operation of lung cancer, esophageal carcinoma, liver cancer, carcinoma of gallbladder, adenocarcinoma of pancreas, gastric carcinoma, and intestinal cancer, as well as in clinical therapy with Chinese traditional medicine combined with Western medicine of prevention of reoccurrence and metastasis after operation. Xu Jie, male, graduated from Hubei College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 1992. He graduated from the Department of Clinical Medicine in Hubei Medical University in 1996. Now he is chief physician in Hubei University of Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital and Hubei Provincial Hospital of Surgery. He is engaged in experimental surgical tumor research, general surgery, and urology clinical work. Bin Wu, MD, PhD, graduated from College of Yunyang of Tongji University of Medical Sciences for her MD degree. She studied her master’s degree and her PhD in Sun Yat-Sen University of Medical Sciences. After she received her PhD, she worked as a postdoctoral fellow in the John Hopkins Medical School and University of Maryland Medical School. She passed all of her USMLE tests and is going to do her residency training in America. She dedicates herself to oncology clinical and research. Her goal is to conquer cancer, which she believes is great contribution to our health. She has a daughter, Lily Xu.