Two Centuries of Silence

by Avid Kamgar



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Language : English
Publication Date : 8/19/2016

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Page Count : 308
ISBN : 9781524622527
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ISBN : 9781524622510
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About the Book

How Farsi language broke its two centuries of silence.

This book is the translation of Do Gharn Sokoot, into English by an Iranian scientist and scholar. Two Centuries of silence is the saga of  200 years of struggle by Iranians in order to free themselves from the yoke of Muslim Arabs- elegantly and passionately told by Abdolhossein Zarinkoob. The book elucidates the key reasons for the success of Muslim Arabs in their assault on Iran- a fact that was not written in the stars, nor was it an act of God. For its readers, this translation hopes to shed light on what forms the foundation of today’s Iran and help bring some understanding of Iranians and their culture.

The fall of Nahāvand in 642 CE marked the end of a glorious fourteenth-century history of Iran-a fascinating and dynamic history spanning the years from 700 BCE to 700 CE. For two centuries thereafter, a brutally long, chilling silence cast its shadow over the history and language of Iran.

Professor Zarinkoob explores the reason behind the Sasanian downfall and how the uncouth Bedouins triumphed over an immense and glorious civilization such as that? During these two centuries- about which our recent historians have remained silent-why did Farsi become a "lost" language, obscure and traceless? In the time when Iranian swordsmen revolted against the Arabs under any pretext, fighting the Arabs and Muslims, how did Zoroastrian priests argue and debate in the light of knowledge and wisdom against the Muslim faith? Finally, why a book that tells the tale of a most turbulent period of Iran's history is titles Two Centuries of Silence and not Two Centuries of Chaos and Uproar? Prof. Zarinkoob's colorful narrative unravels these mysteries through Iranian eyes and is delivered here only as they may.

About the Author

About the Author Abdolhossein Zarinkoob (1923–1999), born in Borujerd, Iran, was a prominent scholar of Iranian literature, history of literature, and Persian culture and history. He received his PhD from Tehran University in 1955 and held faculty positions in universities in Tehran, India, and Pakistan, and at Oxford University, Sorbonne, and Princeton University. Because of his pioneering works in Iranian literature, literary criticism, and comparative literature, Zarinkoob is considered the father of modern Persian literature. He wrote and researched many aspects of Iranian culture and history and provided his country with precious and important books on a variety of subjects. His solid research works made him a world-class Iranologist and undisputed master of Persian literature and poetry. When asked which of his works he likes the most, he replied, “Two Centuries of Silence.” About the Translator Born in Shiraz and educated in Iran and the USA, Avid Kamgar earned a BSc degree from the University of Tehran and a PhD from the University of Maryland, both in physics. She served four years on the faculty of the Technical University of Munich in Germany, followed by twenty-five years at Bell-Laboratories in Murray Hill, New Jersey, USA. She performed and conducted leading research in physics, publishing over a hundred papers in scientific journals, international conference proceedings, and books. In 2001 she received the prestigious RTP award from the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) for her pioneering research in silicon processing. Throughout her life and, in particular over, the past two decades, she has been a fervent student of Iranian history. Her research in the Middle East history has been crucial to this translation.