Princess Starlite and the Blue Ice Crystal

Chief True Blue and Sasha Pursue the Wicked Spellbinder

by Lee Green Pope



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 1/30/2016

Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 42
ISBN : 9781504976343

About the Book

Princess Starlite and the Blue Ice Crystal started out as a play that I wrote and was produced at Biloxi Little Theatre in Biloxi, Mississippi. When I converted it to a book, changes were made to the title and some of the characters, but the basic story is the same.

Princess Starlite rules the Blue Ice Kingdom, and the Blue Ice Crystal has the power to protect the kingdom from all harm. The Wicked Spellbinder steals the Crystal and threatens to cast spells on this kingdom and all the adjoining kingdoms. Chief True Blue, the finest tracker in the land, and his Siberian husky, Sasha, are called in to capture the spellbinder and retrieve the Blue Ice Crystal.

The Wicked Spellbinder creates dangerous and perilous spellbinding situations in the path of the intrepid chief and his courageous husky assistant.

There are many comic situations that the chief and Sasha encounter on their journey. There are the Ruby villagers, who are under the spellbinder’s spell and can only talk and sing in animal voices; the Emerald villagers, who are under his spell and can only walk backward; and the Sapphire villagers, who form the human rattlesnake chain.

About the Author

Lee Green Pope is an author, playwright, acting coach, storyteller, award-winning theatrical director, and published freelance writer. In addition to her many theatrical awards, she received the National Jefferson Award from the American Institute for Public Service. This award was cofounded by Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and Sen. Robert Taft.

Mrs. Pope has written and directed twenty youth plays, and all of them have been produced at various theatres. In addition, she has adapted and directed four Shakespeare plays that were presented with original music and dance. She has presented playwriting workshops at Mississippi Theatre Association conventions, Southeastern Theatre conventions, and Gulfport Little Theatre.

She has conducted summer theatre camps for young people, ages four to eighteen, which included basics of theatre and young playwrights’ workshops, and she has been a storyteller at libraries and elementary schools.

This is the fourth in her “not so Grimm faerie tale” series, which include The Twelve Outrageous Dancing Princesses, The Enchanted Toyshop, and The Cinderella Diary. By the way, Lee Green Pope has a beautiful black and white Siberian husky named Sasha.